NJ Digest Hosts Exclusive Rooftop Viewing of The Bastard Sons at The Asbury Hotel


As the sun set over the Jersey Shore, NJ Digest hosted an unforgettable evening at the Asbury Hotel’s Baronet Rooftop, celebrating the breakout gangster flick of 2024, The Bastard Sons. The exclusive event brought together a who’s who of the film industry, entrepreneurs, and influencers for a night of stiff drinks by BelleMara Distillery and entertainment.

Upon arrival, guests were treated to a stunning view of the Asbury Park skyline while enjoying delicious pizza courtesy of The Galley Pizza and fresh espresso from Espresso Mio. Other vendors included Firm Labs in Warren, NJ, Scatterbrainz App to help organize your family and BelleMara Distillery provided their premium Gin and Whiskey for the event. The atmosphere was electric, with the excitement of the film’s success palpable among the attendees.

A Very Jersey Event

The evening’s special guests included Kevin Interdonato, the multi-talented director, lead actor, and producer of The Bastard Sons. Interdonato’s passion project has taken the film world by storm, and his presence was met with enthusiasm from fans and industry insiders alike.  His wife Amanda Clayton, an accomplished actress in her own right was there to support her husband and co-host the event.

UFC legend Frankie Edgar, who made his acting debut in the film, was also in attendance. Edgar’s transition from the octagon to the big screen has been seamless, and his involvement in The Bastard Sons has garnered significant attention.

New Jersey-based entrepreneur and actor Joseph Sernio, who appeared in the film, mingled with guests, sharing stories about his experience working on the project. Andrea Giovino, known for her role in Get Gotti, was also present, adding to the evening’s allure.

Source: Frankie Edgar Instagram Account

Industry Insiders and Influencers

Michael Scivoli, Editor-In-Chief of New Jersey Digest, played host to the evening’s festivities, ensuring that guests had a memorable experience. Josh Berman, a prominent influencer and food reviewer, was also in attendance, sharing his thoughts on the film and the event.  Also Peter Candia, Food and Drink Editor of NJ Digest  gave the Galley Pizza a glowing endorsement.  Roger Matthews, who also acted in movie attended the event as a special guest.

The Bastard Sons: A Jersey-Based Breakout Hit

The Bastard Sons tells the story of Vince Damiano, a man driven by a quest for revenge after his father’s tragic death. The film’s twist ending has left audiences reeling, and its success has cemented its place as one of the year’s most talked-about independent films.

Vertical Entertainment’s distribution of the film has brought it to a wider audience, and its Jersey roots have made it a source of pride for the Garden State’s film community.

A Night to Remember

Source: Kevin Interdonato Instagram with Wife Amanda Clayton

As the evening drew to a close, guests departed with memories of a special night, one that celebrated the best of New Jersey’s film industry, entrepreneurship, and entertainment. NJ Digest’s rooftop viewing of The Bastard Sons at The Asbury Hotel was a resounding success, and attendees eagerly await the next exclusive event from the esteemed publication.

In the words of Kevin Interdonato, “The Bastard Sons is a labor of love, and to see it resonate with audiences is truly humbling.” The film’s success is a testament to the power of passion and dedication, and its impact will be felt in the film industry for years to come.  Watch the Bastard Sons Free for Amazon Prime Members here.

Special Thanks

NJ Digest would like to extend its gratitude to The Asbury Hotel, The Galley Pizza, Espresso Mio, Firm Labs, Scatterbrainz and all attendees for making this unforgettable evening possible. New Jersey Digest is the premier resource for all things Jersey, founded in 2009 as a local magazine expanded statewide during the pandemic.  Learn more at