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Newstrail is one of the fastest emerging news websites covering all the latest in Tech, Business, Entertainment, Global Affairs and Economy. We provide information about the latest apps, along with the tips in the tech world. Our correspondents make every effort to provide news that is accurate, interesting and up to date. On trending topics, Newstrail will fulfill your need for a good understanding about the news and to explore more about buying and using the latest technology products and gadgets ranging from the cell phones to the PCs, home electronics and a lot more that are becoming a part of our life nowadays.

We take a strong stance against any FAKE NEWS and strive to be a reliable source of information.


With a dedicated team, we are here for you, and would always like to connect with our readers, have a conversation, criticization, and gradually assist you to gain what you wish. So, if you have got anything on your mind and if it is associated with Tech, Business or Economy, don’t hesitate even a moment to contact us. We’ll strive our maximum to reply back your queries and assist you most sincerely and efficiently of our limit.

Our Team

TejaNelson Alves – Chief Editor

Nelson is our resident geek with a Degree in Computer Science, he LOVES to write about the Entertainment, world and New Technology Development around the Globe. It’s always interesting to watch what he posts. David keeps thing very, very interesting indeed. He also writes for another website on the Internet.

Editor’s Staff:

Adriaan Brits  – Contributing Author

As an analyst of global affairs and international marketing consultant, Adriaan has an MSC from Oxford, with diverse interests in the digital economy. He covers mostly topics related to his interests. Adriaan is also a specialist media and analytics trainer with more than 200 000 students! He also writes for, CEOWorld and other media outlets.

Virginia Sagal – Contributing Author

Virginia Sagal interviews CEO’s from around the world and writes about Tech / Fintech / Medical and Tourism. She majored in business management, is a yoga instructor and world traveller. She writes for Newstrail, Healthynewage and several media outlets


Achintam KarmakarFrancisca Sequeira – Contributing Author

A late bloomer but an early learner, Francisca likes to be honestly biased. Though fascinated by the far-flung corners of the galaxy, she doesn’t fancy the idea of humans moving to Mars. Francisca is a Contributing Author for Newstrail. Be it mobile devices, laptops, etc. he brings his passion for technology wherever she goes.


Monique van der Walt- Contributing Author

Monique van der Walt is a writer and journalist with a law degree and extensive background in business. She specializes in business, legal and entertainment writing. She loves to travel and experience food, culture and diversities from all over the world.

JoshneRicardo Gouveia Garcês – Senior Journalist

Ricardo Gouveia is our Tech wiz. With a Degree in Computer Science and English literature, he loves to research the latest of the tech world and is great getting to the heart of what’s going on in that arena. At times we need to put a damper on his opinions as they might come off a little strong. “NOT” Keep it rolling Ricardo Gouveia, we love your thoughts and insight. Did we mention that he is also a Pet Lover? and as such writes for many other Pet Websites on the net, including our own.

Subhajit BhattacharyaGonçalo Moreira Rato – Contributing Author

Gonçalo Moreira is a tech fanatic and a hardcore Xbox/PC fan. He moved onto the Xbox One and then a Gaming PC after giving up his beloved Xbox 360. He’s loving the PC Gaming so far and enjoying every moment of it.


Thiru MaranRita Monteiro  – Senior Journalist

Rita – After graduating from NYU with a master degree in history, She was also a columnist for many local newspapers. Rita mostly covers business and Technology topics, but at times loves to write about reviews as well.


Hall of Fame

Well-known business leaders who contribute on Newstrail:

Luigi Wewege  – Contributing Author

Luigi is the President of Caye International Bank, a renowned instructor at several FinTech schools and the author of The Digital Banking Revolution.




Avi Benezra  – Contributing Author

Avi is a leading researcher in AI technology. He is the co-founder of SnatchApp & CTO at SnatchBot.



You can be the next one Your name here? – Contributing Author

You should be someone who can produce quality content, doing research on new ideas, able to test new gadgets/apps sent by companies on a daily basis, or interview c-level company officials for up to date information.

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