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Do You Need Extra Insurance When Renting a Car?

Renting an automobile should be a pretty straightforward experience. You go to the rental car counter, get the car you want at the price you’re willing to pay, sign a few forms, and you’re off. If only it were that simple. As most anyone who has ever rented a car knows, what should be easy

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Meeting the challenges of a recuperating travel industry

Since early 2020, travel brands have faced some new challenges because of the changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic. People around the globe have changed how they work, spend, and most importantly how they travel.  As the travel industry tries to recover momentum, what is going to take precedent is a more managed customer experience

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Warnings against travel and property investment in Greece

It seems that this summer Greece is not tipped as a good choice for both travels and property investments. The UK foreign office warned on more than one count – of both health and currency concerns. Additionally, members of the public are complaining about issues concerning unreliable property transactions that exploit foreigners, along with widespread

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