The Coaches Coach: Sophie Frabotta Discusses Embodiment as the Only Way to Lead

  • An academic has noted that spirituality is a growing research field within psychology and that this is increasing in importance for the practice of psychology. 
  • The academic found that many clinical psychologists consider spirituality to be an important part of the process of psychotherapy. 
  • Sophie Frabotta believes that embodiment of the principles which one preaches is the only way to be an authentic and effective spiritual coach and mentor.  

The academic Bianca De Meyer has noted that, “Spirituality is a growing research field believed to have an essential contribution to human health and wellbeing”. The role of spiritual psychology in psychotherapy was investigated to gain a better understanding of the importance of spirituality in this practice. De Meyer also notes that spiritual psychology is something that is rarely incorporated in the practice of psychology. There is a lack of literature and educational programs in regards to spiritual psychology and this tends to lead to psychologists who are unable to incorporate this aspect into their practice. 

The academic conducted a series of semi-structured interviews with registered clinical psychologists in Cape Town to assess the objectives which they had laid out. These objectives ranged from reporting on the role of spiritual psychology to delineating different spiritual therapy methods that were incorporated in clinical practice. Additionally, the academic sought to bridge the gap in literature regarding spiritual psychology. De Meyer used an inductive content analysis and this revealed five important themes. 

De Meyer discovered that spiritual psychology does represent an important part of the practices of the interviewed psychologists. However, the degree to which these techniques are used varies and so does the relative importance of the practice to different psychological professionals. The predominant spiritual therapy methods which the psychologists used included mindfulness, inner child work and guided meditations. 

A significant observation from the study was that the majority of psychologists that were interviewed stated that most of the work which they do is spiritual in nature. This is the case because healing occurs when dealing with the psyche, “in a more spiritual manner”. De Meyer concludes by noting that her article creates a greater degree of awareness regarding the inclusion of spirituality in professional mental health care as well as through literature dedicated to this subject. 

Sophie Frabotta and Embodiment

Sophie Frabotta is a spiritual mentor and healer who has a masters degree in transpersonal psychology. She has conducted well over 10,000 hours of one on one coaching, healing and mentoring with clients. She works with those who need help and with those who give help to others. Her clients affectionately refer to her as the soul whisperer because of the deep spiritual connection which she has and which she is able to help facilitate within her clients. 

Frabotta views embodiment as the only way to lead because she views the opposite of this as profoundly inauthentic. She helps guide other aspiring coaches by teaching them to live the principles which they teach to their clients. In the words of Frabotta this means, “we don’t just learn it, we live it”. This practice deepens not only the coaches spiritual connection but also their ability to help others in the same regard. As a result, the coaches who study under Frabotta are better equipped to help their clients as the coaches are better equipped to help themselves. 

Frabotta is intensely passionate about the process of teaching people how to live to their full potential after the process of healing has been completed. It is for this reason that she sought her specialization in spiritual psychology and not clinical psychology. She views clinical psychology as a process which reveals people’s limitations more so than their gifts. Frabotta sees the spiritual side of psychology as more liberating in the sense that it has a greater ability to reveal the good which people are able to bring to the table. 

She is truly authentic in her approach to embodiment and walks the talk as much as she encourages her students to. This is evidenced by the spiritual lifestyle which Frabotta leads. She claims to be spiritual and continually practices her faith. The practice which she conducts aids her in her ability to provide authentic coaching to those who come to her for guidance and support. She is able to walk the talk because of her sincere belief in what she preaches and in the power of spirituality to heal wounds of the past. 

Frabotta’s embodiment of the ideals which she teaches to her clients can be seen in her approach to the practice of recycling. She is extremely passionate about the environment and about nature in general. That is why she composts all of her vegetable scraps and saves trash from when she is out to ensure that it is recycled properly. Additionally, Frabotta participates in beach cleanups and is frequently taken by the idea of riding the planet of all single use plastics. 

Another cause which Frabotta is tremendously passionate about is pitbulls. She personally owns two pitbulls and considers them her favorite animals on the planet. Pitbulls are very emotionally intelligent animals and they are deeply loyal to their owners. This has the unfortunate potential for abuse as many pitbulls are used for dog-fighting. However, Frabotta views this as a problem with the owners of the animals and not with the animals themselves. Pitbulls are emotional animals and they create a deep connection with their owners. This deep connection should be used to create love and happiness not violent animals in the eyes of Frabotta. She is dedicated to changing the perception of these animals. 

Final Thoughts 

Sophie Frabotta is a spiritual coach and healer on a mission to instill embodiment as the only way to lead. She believes that without this essential characteristic an individual cannot truly lead in an effective way. Frabota encourages all of her clients who are also coaches to walk the talk and this is a practice which she engages in on a daily basis. This can be seen in Frabotta’s dedication to recycling and her love for the breed of pitbulls for the deep emotional bonds which they form with their owners.