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Jean Winter on the Power of the Spoken Word

It is hard to believe that in today’s digital world, word of mouth can pack as much power as advertising. Well, it is true! According to marketing experts, a suggestion made by a satisfied friend is trusted more than any other form of advertising. Personal recommendations from peers and family members lend authenticity to a

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Electric Vehicle Consumer Research: Interest And Sentiment

The latest research on consumer sentiment for the electric vehicle market (EV’s) offers some astounding insight based on the US and European markets.  Research Snapshot Electric vehicles is promoted as being good for the environment, notwithstanding the fact that Chinese owned Volvo reported a much larger carbon footprint in producing EV’s VS fossil fuel vehicles.

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Using Pre-Approved or Pre-Designed Plans for an ADU or Structural Remodel

Should You Use Pre-approved or Pre-designed ADU Plans: Some Pros and Cons Californians—and those across the country for that matter—are taking advantage of the laws and regulations allowing accessory dwelling units (ADUs) on their properties. And why wouldn’t they? ADUs are ultra-convenient for those who have family members that want to age in place independently

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Kola Tytler Shares Insight on Business Venture: dropout

According to Hypebeast’s Streetwear Impact Report, footwear is the most common item purchased by consumers in the streetwear industry. 62% of consumers stated that they were most likely to purchase footwear when at a streetwear store or on a streetwear website. 30% of these consumers stated that they would be most likely to purchase a

Read More » Takes a look at the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee is currently one of Australia’s leading independent automotive websites. The independent automotive online publisher offers car reviews, news and comparisons to their audience. These may be used to assist potential car buyers in making more informed decisions. One of these published stories is a look at the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Jeep Australia’s sales

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The Inspiring Life of Kevin J Donaldson

Kevin J Donaldson is a 44 year-old founder of Real Wealth Solutions®, life insurance broker, business coach and author of the best-selling book ‘10 Secrets of The New Rich’. Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1977, Kevin describes his upbringing as ‘humble’; his struggles with school, relationships, finances, health and spirituality only compounded by Crown

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Comparing DIY Patio Kits for Your Home

Creating a beautiful outdoor living space with a patio cover is easier than you think. Good quality and attractive patio covers can make your home more comfortable, but also increase its value, and protect the exterior from the harsh winds and sun. DIY aluminum patio kits not only help you save money since you save

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