Shoe Carnival Employs CommerceHub for Enhanced E-Commerce Strategy

shoe carnival

Shoe Carnival Inc., a prominent specialty footwear retailer with an annual revenue exceeding $1.2 billion, is making strategic moves to bolster its e-commerce capabilities. As part of its expansion strategy aimed at becoming a multi-billion-dollar retailer, Shoe Carnival is tapping into the cloud-based CommerceHub e-commerce platform. The goal is to streamline the process of incorporating third-party-owned items onto its online retail site, aligning with the company’s drive to amplify its scale and product assortment.

The Indiana-based footwear retailer, which boasts nearly 400 stores across the nation, has set its sights on harnessing the power of e-commerce to enrich its consumer offerings. With a steadfast focus on national name brands and an emphasis on personalization at scale, Shoe Carnival is navigating the digital terrain to heighten its e-commerce business. To achieve this, the CommerceHub platform offers a suite of e-commerce capabilities, including unified drop shipping, marketplace integration, advanced catalog services, and swift fulfillment.

Kent Zimmerman, VP of e-commerce & CRM at Shoe Carnival, emphasizes the significance of this strategic alignment. “We are strategically growing our sales in third-party-owned inventory through e-commerce, which enables us to better serve consumers by providing them with more styles and more selection while making it easy for them to have a great experience shopping with us,” Zimmerman affirms. This move underscores Shoe Carnival’s commitment to tailoring its approach to consumer preferences, reflecting the evolving retail landscape.

The CommerceHub partnership equips Shoe Carnival with enhanced agility, enabling swift responsiveness to shifts in consumer demand. By effectively optimizing inventory management and distribution, the retailer aims to ensure that customers receive their desired products promptly and efficiently, both in-store and online. This holistic approach is yielding positive results and contributing to the company’s consistent growth trajectory.

Shoe Carnival’s venture into this innovative partnership reflects its unwavering commitment to maintaining a seamless shopping experience across various touchpoints. With its physical presence and digital footprint, the retailer aims to empower consumers with an extensive array of options while delivering a superior shopping journey. As of June 24, 2022, Shoe Carnival operated 395 stores across 35 states and Puerto Rico, in addition to its thriving e-commerce platform.

FabFitFun Leverages CommerceHub for Streamlined Operations

In the realm of digitally native retail, FabFitFun stands out as a trailblazing entity. The brand, renowned for its quarterly subscription boxes and curated e-commerce website catering to its members, is tapping into the power of the CommerceHub e-commerce platform. The objective? To bolster its curated product assortment and drive sales and profitability through a unified marketplace and drop-ship solution, without the need to maintain extensive inventory.

CommerceHub’s technology offers FabFitFun an avenue to expand its product range while optimizing its operational efficiency. By adopting a drop-shipping model facilitated by the Commerce Suite unified marketplace and drop-ship solution, FabFitFun can introduce a diverse array of products to its offerings without the overhead of maintaining inventory on hand. This approach not only streamlines operations but also enhances the customer experience, a vital element for a brand built on catering to its members’ preferences.

FabFitFun’s utilization of CommerceHub reflects the dynamic shifts occurring within the retail landscape. As consumers seek tailored experiences and curated offerings, brands like FabFitFun are leveraging technology to deliver on these expectations. The CommerceHub partnership underscores the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality products while maintaining operational efficiency, ultimately enriching its value proposition and cementing its position in the digitally native retail arena.