Queen Musia is one of the most beautiful cats on Instagram


Who is Queen Musia?

If you don’t know who she is already, then you’re falling behind with the latest trends on social media. This beauty queen has over 80,000 followers on instagram and is always trending on popular social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Reddit. The petite model has looks that is the definition of perfection if you look it up in a dictionary.

She’s known for her natural looking eyeliner that highlights her bold, green eyes and she has doll-like lashes. Her fans are bemused with her beauty and even believe that she could potentially be a fake doll. Her owner explained that, “Her fans believe that she could possibly be a stuffed doll or a plush toy. But she’s all natural and is not wearing any makeup.”

This cat-fluencer is a Californian queen and there is no mystery behind her rare looks; just her main secret which is her daily beauty sleep. She’s a golden british shorthair breed and is just 2 years old. Even though she might look like an innocent angel on her instagram, she’s actually very bossy and demanding in real life.

The royal majesty bosses around her human servants and even likes to be pushed in a stroller when she goes on long walks. When she’s not busy posing in front of the paparazzi, she’s travelling around Europe and the U.S. with her flashy bags.

When it comes to being a creature of comfort, she dislikes being disturbed from loud sounds and the temperature in the house should be about 70 degrees, since it can affect her mood and appetite. Her owner commented that, “We clearly see how the temperature can affect her mood and appetite.”

This diva can be a bit weary around strangers, since she’s very selective of who deserves to be in her presence. However, she can be friendly when she needs to. Queen Musia is considering organising a meet and greet with her fans, which will probably shock the majority of her followers that think that she’s not real.

Her upcoming projects

The runaway model is working hard towards the launch of her beauty brand, which will also be a new record of the first cat to ever release one. Her first line of products will be a range of eyeliners, mascaras and lipsticks and all ingredients will be natural, yet high quality.

Queen Musia will be the name of the cosmetic brand and it is estimated to launch in 2021, globally. The brand will be cruelty free, environmentally friendly and organic.

Even though this major cat-influencer is focusing on her beauty brand, she might also try to branch out in different fields of entertainment too. Her owner stated that, “We receive a lot of messages from her fans suggesting that she should star as a lead role in a Disney film, because she looks cartoon-like.” Even though this is a great idea for Queen Musia, nothing has been set in stone, yet.

This cat entrepreneur is still doing modelling and posing in front of the camera with her photographer. But she only poses for photos when she’s in a good mood, but when she is, she projects such energy in front of the camera; that leaves the photographer remarkable results and thousands of photos to choose from.

Queen Musia also likes to stay in touch with nature as she enjoys some bird watching and exploring her outdoor environment. She also likes to watch television, but only when she can choose what the whole family can watch.

This cat-fluencer will melt your heart with her gorgeous photos, her bold personality and her funny moments. We highly suggest that you check out her instagram as soon as you can, because you won’t regret it and she will definitely put a smile on your face.