Global Natural & Organic Personal Care Market 2021: Opportunities & Future Prospects

Natural & Organic Personal Care

The global market for natural and organic personal care products is witnessing a significant surge, driven by increasing consumer awareness of health, sustainability, and the desire for products with fewer synthetic chemicals. This report delves into the burgeoning business opportunities, key players, challenges, and the promising landscape expected through 2027.

Rise of Natural and Organic Personal Care

As consumers become more conscious of the ingredients they put on their skin and the environmental impact of their choices, the demand for natural and organic personal care products has surged. These products, often made from plant-based ingredients and free from synthetic additives, cater to health-conscious consumers seeking products that align with their values.

Business Opportunities in a Growing Market

The natural and organic personal care market presents a host of opportunities for businesses, including:

  1. Innovation and Niche Products: Entrepreneurs have the chance to develop unique formulations targeting specific skin concerns, hair types, or consumer preferences.
  2. Market Expansion: Established companies can diversify their product lines to include natural and organic options, catering to a broader customer base.
  3. E-Commerce and Direct-to-Consumer: The rise of e-commerce platforms allows businesses to directly reach consumers seeking these products, especially in regions with limited physical retail options.
  4. Sustainability and Packaging: Brands that prioritize sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly practices can tap into the growing eco-conscious consumer base.

Top Companies Shaping the Market

Several global and niche players are leading the charge in the natural and organic personal care products market:

  1. The Honest Company: Founded by Jessica Alba, this company offers a wide range of clean and natural products for baby care, personal care, and home.
  2. Burt’s Bees: Known for its commitment to natural ingredients, Burt’s Bees offers a diverse array of personal care products.
  3. Weleda: With a strong focus on natural and biodynamic ingredients, Weleda is a pioneer in organic personal care.
  4. Aveda: Aveda is known for its high-performance, naturally derived products, and its dedication to environmental and social responsibility.
  5. Dr. Bronner’s: Famous for its all-in-one liquid castile soap, Dr. Bronner’s promotes organic, fair trade, and environmentally friendly practices.

Challenges and Future Outlook

While the market presents promising opportunities, challenges remain:

  1. Regulations and Certifications: The lack of standardized definitions for terms like “natural” and “organic” can lead to consumer confusion. Brands with recognized certifications have a competitive edge.
  2. Pricing: Natural and organic ingredients often come at a premium, affecting the pricing of products and potentially limiting accessibility for some consumers.
  3. Competition: The increasing popularity of these products has led to a crowded market, prompting businesses to differentiate themselves through innovation and quality.
  4. Sustainability and Sourcing: Ensuring a sustainable supply chain for natural ingredients can be challenging, requiring brands to prioritize responsible sourcing.

Looking ahead to 2027, the natural and organic personal care products market is projected to maintain its upward trajectory. Consumer demand for cleaner and greener alternatives is unlikely to wane, and businesses that continue to innovate, invest in quality, and demonstrate a commitment to transparency and sustainability will be well-positioned to thrive in this evolving landscape.


The global market for natural and organic personal care products is undergoing a transformative shift, with consumers seeking products that align with their health and environmental values. Businesses that navigate challenges through innovation, authenticity, and sustainable practices stand to gain in this promising and socially conscious market. As the movement toward cleaner and more natural personal care becomes mainstream, the industry is set to witness continued growth and positive change.