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5 Big trends in AI and fintech to watch next

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the driving force behind most of the trends that you should watch right now. It will affect the way most industries approach and enhance their business, and fintech is no exception. According to McKinsey and Company, fintech alone is expected to invest over $30 billion in 2020 in an attempt to

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How AI is changing banking technology

The banking sector has eagerly embraced the rapid changes in banking technology. As 5G networks spread around the world and technology advances – and robotic process automation (RPA) takes over, banks will be able to make exciting collaborations and also expand their services beyond what they are traditionally known for. Re-evaluating blockchain Even though blockchain

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How China seeks to be more dominant in artificial intelligence

It is becoming increasingly evident that China is not prepared to continue being second best in the world of technology. Their meteoric rise in many areas, including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and smartphones, is making the world of technology sit up and take notice. Now the world sees how the ambitious plans of President Xi

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The education sector next in line to benefit from CommBox innovation

An innovative customer support and messaging platform is now becoming available for businesses and universities. CommBox recently announced that it is moving into the education sector by making its technology solutions available to both universities and businesses. This is a significant move that will likely have a big impact, especially as it rolls out technology

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing The Way We Hire

There’s no industry that Artificial Intelligence (AI) hasn’t touched and subsequently improved, and for good reason. When used intuitively, AI makes processes smoother, increases sales, and employees happier. Indeed, SnatchBot Chief Technology Officer Avi Ben Ezra notes how AI will ensure profitability increases up to whopping 40% by 2035, making it an attractive and necessary investment for

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