Young Tennis Player Ronald Hohmann – On His Way Up

Ronald Hohmann

Ronald Hohmann is well on his way towards becoming one of the best tennis players of his generation. If you ask him, it’s all about hard work and dedication to the game.

He is quickly rising through the ranks as one of the top tennis players of his generation. After graduating as the top tennis recruit in the country in his graduating year and joining the Louisiana State University’s tennis team, the Tigers, Hohmann is making it known that he is one opponent that is not to be underestimated.

Becoming a great tennis player has always been the dream

Ronald, who also goes by Ronnie, loved tennis from the time he first learnt how to play at the age of four. He started competing in tournaments by six and by then was also in a regular training routine of at least three hours a day. He knew then already that he wanted to become a great tennis player and wanted to train hard to achieve it.

At the age of 14, he made the decision to relocate to Florida to train and live with his coach at Todd Widom Tennis in Coral Springs. By this time he was training anywhere between three to six hours a day, and two more hours of daily fitness training. By 15, he had won the Eddie Herr International Junior Championship and by 16 he had won numerous other national tennis tournaments as well as trained for a brief period of time with French tennis player Gael Monfils.

Two years later, he really surprised everyone when he became the first qualifier in the 52 years of the Easter Bowl to win every match he played, all at the age of 17. He defied the odds and went on to win nine matches in nine days for which he also received three invaluable wild cards into future events including the U.S. OPEN Juniors tennis tournament not long thereafter.

He spent much of his teenage years competing in professional tennis tournaments, and winning many of the bigger tournaments like the Eddie Herr International Juniors Championship at age 15 and the Easter Bowl at the age of 17. From a young age, he has displayed the innate ability and natural talent to go up against some of the best players in the country and internationally, and has come out on top.

Ronald Hohmann is now the Tigers’ very own rising star

After graduating high school as the number one tennis recruit in the country in his graduating year he went on to attend LSU and is currently one of their best tennis players. He has committed to playing for the LSU Tigers and while playing for them he has already shown a steady improvement in his game, raising the expectations of coaches and teammates alike. As a freshman, he was matched up with most of the Tigers’ roster in singles and doubles matches and in that time he has been able to put his raw talent and training to use to stand out on the team and establish his consistency as a key player. He believes the most important skill in tennis is mental strength and discipline, he said “80% of it is mental, how disciplined you are during practice affects you mentally in a match”.

Towards the end of his freshman season, his true potential as a professional tennis player really began to surface when he was matched up against one of the best players in the country, Sam Riffice, No. 5 at the time, winning a set and ultimately losing in a tiebreaker. However not long after, he got his first ranked win when he defeated Daniel Rodrigues, the No. 46 at the time, in his very next match, proving he does not let anything hold him back.

What’s next for Ronald Hohmann?

Over the years, he has proven that he is capable of handling himself against strong opponents and at times beating the odds. As young as he is, he already has a stellar professional ranking which he is determined to improve in the hopes of becoming an amazing tennis player one day soon.