What aspiring sports stars can learn from Dane Domic

Dane Domic

Mount Royal University midfielder, Dane Domic (AKA @Domicdane) is rising to the occasion of soon becoming a well-known name in the sporting world. During a recent 2019 awards ceremony held by the Mount Royal Cougars, he was awarded the U SPORTS Rookie of the Year prize, giving him more traction to kick-off his international football career.

The story of Dane Domic

The 21-year old footballer is not new to the industry as he’s been running the fields since the age of four. Born on 10 October 1998, in Calgary, Alberta – the young Canadian sports star has started to make his mark on the industry. His passion and fire-fuelled moves have seen him playing for the Sparta Rotterdam U19 team and also the Canadian U20 national teams. At the mere age of 15, Domic made the move to the Netherlands to pursue his football career on European soil.

His return to Canada saw him chasing the sport more professionally. His career started to soon take shape after joining the Mount Royal Cougars first-year program. His time at the Cougars was met with some challenges, but also a great amount of success. His quick thinking on the field has helped the team gain more points as the season progressed. He scored six goals, gained eight assists and helped to provide great offence that scored five goals on more than one occasion. The 2019 season was successful for Domic, as he scored seven winning goals in different games and managed to play 13 games throughout the season.

What’s some of Domic’s latest achievements at MRU?

Many at Mount Royal have already shared the great news that Domic still has four more eligible years left in the program. His dedication doesn’t go unnoticed, taking the time to constantly practice and spending more time on the field than needed. It’s no surprise that Gyaki said, “Domic will always bring his best, from start to finish. The university and its program members are excited to support him through his long career.” Domic has maintained popularity by keeping his head high even when the game gets tough. Domic makes it clear that although every game isn’t the same, there are always new and better ways to improve and overcome challenges.

What can people learn from what Domic achieved?

He has given respect to a high code of professionalism, to keep his career and personal life separate. By the looks of his social media, Domic is always content with his effortless capability to keep his life private. It’s easy to imagine many young athletes becoming very egoistic when their career kicks-off. Domic has stuck to his roots, and only focus on one thing at a time. 2020 has seen many challenges for sport and sporting events with the novel coronavirus, but it hasn’t stopped him from rising to the top and keeping ahead of the game. Domic is also actively involved in philanthropy: he cares about issues such as cancer awareness, women’s rights and equality, and stands squarely behind these causes also in the media.

What’s his next step?

It’s not sure where we might see Domic playing next, but there is the possibility of playing in the Canadian premier league. Mount Royal head coach, Ryan Gyaki shared his joy of having Domic part of his team. From the very first day he started playing for the Cougars, we saw a great deal of professionalism in his dedication and teamwork. MRU has built a strong first-year team in 2019, and strategic thinking from Domic and his teammates have given them the chance to rank high in the West Canada league.

The future for the young soccer star

With much needed time to focus on his studies at MRU, the university has praised its students on keeping safe and healthy during these unfortunate times. Domic is currently registered as an Open Studies major at MRU, and the balance he keeps between academics, his growing soccer career and personal life will see him being more active than he might’ve anticipated.  Although Domic’s first year at MRU has been filled with success. His kindred spirit and agile footwork will surely give him more time on the field. It’s no secret that Domic’s uninterrupted passion for soccer will pave him a long road to a successful career.

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