Which countries sell the best .925 silver jewelry?

From as early as the 12th century, sterling silver was used in commerce and it is believed to have first started from the area that is northern Germany today. Starting around 1158, during the reign of Henry II, we know that England already had an official assay for sterling silver, but its purity was probably regulated from much earlier than that.  As wholesale silver jewelry is a vital business, here is some information fans will find useful:

Today, these countries produce the most silver in the world. But from a historic perspective here is the rundown: In the USA, sterling silver was also used for currency during the colonial times and because of a lack of an allay office, the silversmiths adhered to the same standards as the London Goldsmith Company until 1814. Most of the techniques used in America at that time had been developed in Europe.

Initially, silver was popularly used for cutlery sets, serving platters, and decorative items. Silver was also used for medical instruments, musical instruments and for items of jewelry. The silver craze was at its height between 1870 and 1920, but rising labor costs and other factors reduced the demand for silver homeware.

Today, silver is most popularly used for jewelry items and some countries around the world have dominated in the manufacture and wholesale of beautifully crafted jewelry items becoming manufacturers and distributors to world markets.


Thailand has many master craftsmen who are known for their skills in jewelry making and it has become one of the favorite countries for the purchase of wholesale .925 sterling silver jewelry. The jewelry industry in Thailand is a powerful contributor to the country’s economy and employment opportunities.

Besides having many resources of its own, Thailand is still a major importer of silver and precious stones, because of the high demand for its jewelry across the globe. The country has two jewelry shows annually and has many local manufacturers. Tax incentives and other breaks have also attracted overseas producers to the country.

Thai jewelry is well-known for its high quality and reasonable prices.


In China, jewelry manufacture has always been popular because of the rich tradition that calls for gifting jewelry to friends and relatives for most important events. Initially, gold jewelry was very popular, but the industry in China has turned to silver jewelry. Over the last decade, China has become an important manufacturer and exporter of silver jewelry.

The Chinese market is inundated with jewelry makers over many categories and buyers need to know what their specific needs are before beginning negotiations and order arrangements. Buyers need to be wary of the quality and the best way to approach manufacturers is through the various jewelry trade fairs.

One of the major drawbacks for the Chinese jewelry manufacturing industries at the moment are the trade wars between China and the USA.


Jewelry manufacture is one of the biggest growing sectors of the Indian economy and contributes 7 % to its gross income. The designs of most Indian pieces are elaborate and unique and they also create some interesting jewelry items like toe rings and nose rings.


The skilled artisans of Indonesia are famous for they unique silver jewelry. The designs of most silver pieces are intricate, but people are warned to look out for reputable dealers, because the pieces are often just silver plated.


The Italians are masters in jewelry crafting and technology and they produce fine pieces that are also more expensive. Besides the quality of their product, design is also important. The country is very popular with high-end buyers.

The most important fairs

Asia’s leading silver jewelry fair is held in Bangkok twice annually, February and September, and this is where the key players in the industry can build some wonderful business connections.

Other important silver jewelry fairs are the Hong Kong Silver Jewelry Fair, The US Silver Jewelry Fair in New York, and the Worldwide Jewelry Fair in Tokyo.

The importance of jewelry fairs

According to Mr. Hong, owner of the Hong Factory in Bankbook, Thailand, “Fairs are the opportunity for exhibitors, buyers and their representative associations to come together to promote their work and discover new trends in the market.”

Hong Factory

Hong Factory has been producing beautiful jewelry collections since it was first started back in 1971. It is one of the oldest jewelry manufacturers in Thailand and its success in the business can be attributed to their exquisite designs, their fine selection of gems and their superb craftmanship and commitment to quality. Mr. Hong is still active today and is surrounded by a team of highly qualified experts and their designs are regularly showcased in media and exhibitions around the world.

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