Avi Benezra discusses advanced AI chatbots and RPA in customer service

People always ask, can brands benefit from using advanced AI chatbots and RPA in customer service?

According to Avi Benezra, in a recent interview held at his Tel Aviv office: “The latest version 2 of the SnatchBot platform will probably change the way you see “no coding” chatbots because it beats what human performance can achieve at every level – and makes it an irreplaceable element in a modern business. At a time when companies like Microsoft are entering the game quite late with code-free chatbots, it is worth pointing out the advances we as smaller fast-movers have already made in the past 5 years. This can be demonstrated with reference to customer service as a cross-industry segment – which is after all, a $350Billion industry”.

With so much competition in every industry and every product line, brands that offer outstanding customer experience can still us it as a differentiator and competitive advantage. Such brands keep in touch with their customers and engage them continuously through chatbots.

What are the benefits of using advanced AI chatbots and RPA in customer service?

A chatbot is a piece of software that works through artificial intelligence and is trained to provide certain answers to specific questions. It can also ask the right leading questions and make product recommendations that help a customer to make a buying decision. If a chatbot is combined with robotic process automation (RPA), it can also perform many simple repetitive tasks. Here are the benefits:

1. Round the clock service

Chatbots can chat with customers 24 hours per day. Therefore, customers who visit a website, and have questions about the products or services, can interact with a chatbot at their convenience without having to wait for office hours. They can chat to the bot through text and do not have to hold on to a phone call while waiting for a human agent become available. This huge convenience provides customers with a positive experience.

2. Engage customers on social media

Businesses do not need to wait for people to visit their websites. They can make themselves visible in the marketplace and the best places are social media! Here is why. In a study conducted by Michigan State University 76% of the people who responded to a survey completed it via Facebook Messenger. It can therefore be concluded that social media platforms are gold mines for customers.

Enterprises that are aware of this will look for chatbots that can be deployed on all social media. Jumpstarting your way to rapidly deploy a chatbot can be achieved without any developers simply by picking an industry-specific template from the SnatchBot bot store. An enterprise can choose a bot template suitable for its industry, customize it to meet its needs, and then deploy it on Facebook, Line, Viberr, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. While there, the bot can share news about the brand, new products, or special offers to which customers can respond and engage with the bot. By keeping customers engaged, the brand is always in the face of customers and it provides all the answers that the customers have. This creates a positive image about the brand in the minds of the customers.

3. Improved conversion

Customers inquire about products and services because they are interested and they simply want to know if a particular product/service meets their needs. If a chatbot is available to answer questions immediately and is programmed to make product recommendations, it can quickly lead many customers to the decision to buy. It’s even better if the chatbot is on a platform that is convenient to the potential customer, such as Facebook Messenger. Research published in the Harvard Business Review found that many people willingly pay higher prices as long as customer services is fast. For this reason alone, businesses should install chatbots.

4. Agents are freed

Chatbots, combined with RPA can take care of all simple customer queries and all repetitive tasks, leaving human agents to take care of the more complex customer needs. This leaves both the agents and the customers happy and fulfilled. Happy customers tend to buy repeatedly.

5. Lower cost of customer service

Companies in any industry can save huge amounts of money by installing chatbots that chat to customers 24 hours per day. A chatbot requires a once-off cost to purchase, install and customize it. Then it can replace a number of human agents and chat to customers without a break, saving on costs. In traditional customer service, many human beings have been employed to respond to customer queries and to direct customers to the right place for help. Many companies had such customer care through 24-hour call centers which are very expensive to operate.

6. Faster and accurate data processing

Employees in certain industries, such as health and insurance, collect a lot of data concerning different clients such as personal information, disease history, assets being covered by insurance, etc. This data keeps increasing as new clients are input into the system and it is stored in comprehensive databases. Retrieval and optimization of data is very difficult. Chatbots with RPA can effectively process, store and manage large volumes of data. Then they can retrieve correct files and send them to the right users. Quick retrieval of data saves the users a lot of time which they can use to attend to, and offer better assistance to, their clients.

7. Appointments and reminders

Some businesses, such as clinics and dentists, rely on patient appointments to make sales. Such businesses can combine a chatbot with RPA to schedule appointments and to remind patients to attend their appointments. The ease of making appointments and the friendly reminder provide great customer experience.

Final scoop:

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