Unstoppable Metaverse Stock That Could Soar, With XR shipments industry have exceeded 10 million units

On July 5, according to IDC data, XR devices, as an important access path to the Metaverse, global shipments have historically exceeded 10 million units in 2021, with a compound growth rate expected to reach 28.7% in the next five years, which is a major milestone in the XR hardware field. In 2021, the concept of “Metaverse” was born. With the joint efforts of the capital market, media, and Internet companies, the “exit circle” quickly became the annual hot spot. Due to the many restrictions of the current technical background, creative level, and policy requirements, the Metaverse-related trends in 2022 will be promoted moderately. Mixed reality and game-related industries will be the two most watched areas in the early stages of Metaverse.

The Metaverse digital infrastructure participants have led the way

Computing power, AI, network communication, and blockchain, as an indispensable infrastructure composition of Metaverse, play a crucial role in the later layout of Metaverse. It is expected that in 2022, Metaverse infrastructure construction participants, mainly dominated by operators, underlying hardware companies, and large Internet manufacturers, will lead the way, and the pace of related product research and development, operation platform innovation, and content upgrading will accelerate.

The Internet giants have made the corresponding direction choice under the Metaverse track according to their products and positioning characteristics. IDC predicts that Internet companies will continue to expand their Metaverse platforms in their respective areas in 2022 and that their interaction and correlation will remain weak. More than 3 percent of Chinese Internet users are expected to have such platforms with virtual identities by 2025.

Hardware ushered in a comprehensive upgrade, the Metaverse world virtual interaction is more real

The head manufacturer’s VR all-in-one equipment is expected to usher in a full upgrade in the display, interaction, tracking, and positioning next year. It is expected that the helmet weight, battery technology, handle positioning, and so on will be significantly improved after the upgrade. In particular, the addition of a camera in the gamepad will allow the gamepad to better match the helmet in the game scene and improve positioning accuracy. After 2022, more accessories, such as headphones, gloves, and virtual keyboards, will be used together with XR consoles. The upgraded hardware experience allows people to have more immersive virtual interactions in the Metaverse world.

XR products have already borne the high expectations of Volkswagen’s “next-generation of universal computing platform,” and the competition for Metaverse hardware entry points is intensifying. In 2021, most local XR vendors have shifted their strategic focus to the consumer market. With the attempt of head manufacturers in offline brand self-run stores in Europe and America, it is expected that in 2022, many XR manufacturers will start to open new attempts of shopping mall brand self-run stores in T1T2-level cities in China, and set up VR product counters in offline home appliances and digital stores in a fast pace. Offline stores provide consumers with a new channel to buy VR products outside the e-commerce platform and help to improve the consumer penetration rate of VR hardware products. It is expected that in 2022, the C-end will account for more than 30% of the VR helmet shipments in China.

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Telecommuting will be the first landing Metaverse scene

As the epidemic is gradually normalized, enterprises have been actively exploring new forms of large-scale meetings. From the physical offline exhibition to the live video broadcast, efficiency and convenience have been realized in the past two years. In 2022, with the continuous penetration of the Metaverse concept, hosting conferences in the Metaverse world will become the new mainstream conference form for enterprises. With Internet companies and investment institutions as the main driving force, the Metaverse Conference APP or platform that can accommodate the same-screen virtual interaction with multiple people will be launched one after another.

Metaverse scenarios in commercial markets will be highly similar to XR hardware. In 2022, there will be more applications related to enterprise staff training and collaborative office meetings. Technology upgrades in facial recognition and eye-tracking will comprehensively enhance the expression richness of virtual portraits in conference software. Better avatar feedback Real information will greatly improve the training and office-related Metaverse applications user experience.

So far, not only Google (GOOG), Microsoft (MSFT), Apple (AAPL), and other technology giants are conducting in-depth research, but also WIMI, the domestic holographic 5G communication leader, is constantly optimizing the existing realistic experience and expanding the implementation of new holographic scenarios.

Apple (AAPL) has unveiled a patented technology called “Bionic Virtual Conference Room Communication Systems and Methods”, allowing people to represent themselves through a dynamic, cartoon avatar for online meetings in an immersive virtual environment. Apple in the patent describes the implementation of the virtual conference, including how to achieve scenarios on a variety of different devices, virtual image information synchronization, and the use of a virtual avatar to show the user’s biometric, dynamic changes, the technology through apple’s virtual reality system, and apple’s hardware combination system to realize the digital twin, and with the help of virtual reality, conference system to participate in the meeting. At present, Apple is promoting the advanced research and development of technology and is constantly exploring the possible development and realization direction of Metaverse through the underlying technology breakthrough and product construction, and commercializing this technology on a large scale.

Google (GOOG) has previously announced a secret development for years: holographic video chat technology Project Starline. The Project Starline is essentially a 3D video chat room designed to replace one-to-one 2D video teleconferencing, with a real-time 3D model regenerated from high-resolution sensors, dozens of depth-of-field scanning sensors, and 65-inch “light-field displays.”Google says the project, which has been developed for several years, is behind a lot of computer vision, machine learning, spatial audio, and data compression technologies. Google has also developed a breakthrough light-field system that allows for a realistic volume and depth without wearing glasses or headphones.

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WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), as a global leading enterprise in holographic communication technology and application, is committed to independent research and development and investment in the core field of 5G and expanding various mainstream 5G holographic application technologies such as holographic social communication and telecommuting conference. WIMI tries to explore the mode of full telecommuting, with holographic AR as technical backing, and 5G depth fusion, by providing a real-time collaboration of augmented reality experience, and through the 3D virtual image to meeting to a new level, the holographic 3D communication image adopt high-speed processing algorithm, let attendees anytime into the virtual infinite meeting space. WIMI5G communication application platform of 3D model generate GB order of data per second, through the new compression and flow algorithm will video data compression 100 times, finally through the existing network transmission, perfect solve the remote problem, in addition, WIMI holographic virtual figure sound reconstruction technology will use human bone dynamic capture, image real-time rendering, voice recognition technology, sound simulation technology presents virtual people, create an immersive visual experience, and realize the super presence, collaborative sharing, convenient intelligence, make the conference more real, make video communication more smooth.

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In the long run, experts analyze that the consumer industry chain will welcome a new round of development, and the remote virtual office, AR / XR, and Metaverse will benefit from the landing of 5G terminals. The development of XR and Metaverse is not only about the industry, but also about the country and society. On the one hand, as the next large-scale strategic emerging industry, it has become the focus of international competition, and also the foundation of network power, bringing new changes to the communication industry. On the other hand, the impact of science and technology on lifestyle has a longer-term significance, because the development of science and technology needs to meet the needs of social development, to promote the development of human society. For example, the innovation of the Metaverse office virtual conference, well shows that the practical application function can create more innovation and breakthroughs.