Tattoo Ink Market Growth, Size, Analysis, Outlook by Trends, Opportunities and Forecast to 2030

Tattoo Ink Market

Global Tattoo Ink Market- Description

Tattoo ink is predominantly used to engrave tattoos on the human body. These inks consist of pigments along with a carrier and are available in a wide range of colors. These colors in turn can be mixed together or thinned to produce new shades. Professional tattoo inks are made from plastics, metal salts, and iron oxides.

Global tattoo ink market- Overview

The global tattoo ink market was worth USD 101.9 million in 2020 and is projected to amass USD 176.88 million in 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 6.5% over the forecast period of 2022-2030. Rising trends of tattoo among the young adults, surging disposable incomes of individuals, and lifestyle improvements across various regions are augmenting the industry outlook.

Additionally, changing fashion trends, advancements in tattooing techniques, and emergence of prominent tattoo artists are positively swaying the market dynamics. Also, increasing efforts of industry players to develop skin-friendly tattoo inks is adding traction to the overall market growth.

However, rising concerns regarding the use of toxic chemicals in tattoo inks and stringent government regulations pertaining to ink ingredients are hindering the market progression.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic adversely impacted the development of this business sphere. Governments across numerous regions imposed strict regulations including lockdowns to curb the virus spread. This led to the temporary closure of tattoo parlors, thus impeding the industry expansion to a massive extent.

Global tattoo ink market-Key trends

Increasing trends of tattoo among the young adult population to fuel market development

There has been a rising popularity of tattoos among the young adult population across various parts of the world. Tattoos are a motivation for many young people as they use it as a medium of self-expression. In fact, many people believe that getting a catchy tattoo would increase their attractiveness and level of confidence. All these factors are positively swaying the dynamics of the overall market.

Surging disposable income to create lucrative expansion avenues for the industry

Rising purchasing power of individuals driven by the surge in per capita incomes is adding momentum to the market expansion. This is credited to the fact that people with high income source tend to spend highly on luxury things like tattoos.  Apart from the young adults, even the older generation has started to spend luxuriously on tattoos, which in turn is aiding the market development.

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Global tattoo ink market- Segment Analysis

By Type

  • Black & Grey Tattoo Ink
  • Color Tattoo Ink

The black & grey tattoo ink segment is projected to capture a high revenue share over the assessment timeframe as blank inks are widely used in the outlining of colored tattoos.

By Application

  • Age Below 18
  • Age 18-25
  • Age 26-40
  • Age Above 40

The age below 18 segment is presently leading the overall market due to the rising trends of tattoos among the young adults.

Global tattoo ink market- Geographical landscape

In terms of region, the business sphere is divided into North America, Middle East & Africa, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. North America is predicted to witness notable gains over 2022-2030 attributing to the accelerating demand for tattoos among youngsters and increase in per capita income of the masses.

Also, Asia Pacific is poised to amplify with a substantial CAGR over the estimated timeframe owing to extensive research & development activities in the field and rise in young adult population in the region.

Global tattoo ink market- Competitive Intelligence

The prominent players operating in the worldwide tattoo ink industry are Intenze Tattoo Ink, Tommy Supplies, Koro Sumi, ALLA PRIMA, Panthera Ink, Eternal Tattoo Supply, Electric Ink Industria Comercio Imp. Exp Ltda., Skin Candy, Dynamic Color, and Dragonhawk Tattoo Supply.

Notably, Emulate, Inc., singed a partnership deal with Intenze Tattoo Ink to jointly research on human reaction to inking and develop skin-friendly tattoo inks to minimize the side effects.

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Report scope

Global Market- Historical Years- 2018-2021

Global  Market- Forecast Years- 2022-2030

Global market 2020- USD 101.9 million

Global market CAGR- 6.5%

Global Tattoo Ink Projected Market- USD 176.88 million

Key segments covered-

  • By type (black & grey tattoo ink and color tattoo ink)
  • By application (age below 18, age 18-25, age 26-40, and age above 40)

Major regions and countries covered-

  • North America (U.S., Canada, and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, U.K., Spain, France, Russia, and Italy)
  • Asia Pacific (Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, and India)
  • Middle East & Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, and Nigeria)
  • Latin America (Brazil, Columbia, Chile, and Argentina)

Key players profiled- Intenze Tattoo Ink, Tommy Supplies, Koro Sumi, ALLA PRIMA, Panthera Ink, Eternal Tattoo Supply, Electric Ink Industria Comercio Imp. Exp Ltda., Skin Candy, Dynamic Color, and Dragonhawk Tattoo Supply