Revolutionize Your Space: Mike’s Life Supplies Launches Groundbreaking Home Decor Collection 2023

Mike's Life Supplies

“Elevate Your Home Aesthetics with a Fusion of Functionality and Artisanal Elegance”

Parker City – November 6, 2023 — Discover a new era of home decor where every piece is a conversation starter, blending cutting-edge design with unmatched practicality. Mike’s Life Supplies unveils its exclusive home decor collection, setting new benchmarks in luxury, sustainability, and modern living.

As the leaves turn and herald the coming of cozy home gatherings, Mike’s Life Supplies is proud to announce the launch of its trailblazing home decor collection. Curated to perfection, the collection offers an expansive range of furniture, outdoor essentials, kitchen and dining upgrades, and luxurious bedding options designed to transform living spaces into havens of comfort and style. This season, homes across the country are set to experience the remarkable blend of artistry and innovation that defines the Mike’s Life Supplies ethos.

In an industry often crowded with one-size-fits-all solutions, Mike’s Life Supplies distinguishes itself with a commitment to bespoke experiences. Each product within the collection, from plush sofas to elegantly crafted dining sets, is created with the homeowner’s unique lifestyle in mind. The brand harmonizes utilitarian design with modern aesthetics, ensuring that pieces are not just visually appealing but also serve a purposeful function in everyday life.


Sustainability as Standard: A Greener Future with Luxurious Home Goods

Step into a greener future with Mike’s Life Supplies’ latest home decor collection, where sustainability isn’t just a feature but a guarantee. Sourcing materials that are both eco-friendly and durable, the collection promises to be as kind to the planet as it is to your home. Embrace international decor trends with globally inspired designs, from the heart of Parker City to the comfort of your living room.

Our outdoor assemblage revolutionizes alfresco relaxation, presenting a lineup of furnishings that are not only resilient to the elements but are also derived from sustainable sources, harmonizing seamlessly with the great outdoors. Within the heart of your home, our kitchen and dining collections—ranging from sleek, minimalist cutlery to cutting-edge culinary appliances—are thoughtfully crafted to transform your meal preparations into a luxurious gastronomic haven. Meanwhile, our bedding offerings beckon a serene retreat, fashioned with hypoallergenic textiles and calming hues, each night in your sanctuary becomes a sumptuous escape into comfort and elegance.


About Mike’s Life Supplies

Mike’s Life Supplies, based in Parker City, has been at the forefront of home lifestyle innovation since its inception. With a mission to enrich lives through superior products that marry functionality with style, the brand has become synonymous with quality and creativity. Its product lines are not just designed but carefully crafted to make everyday living a luxurious experience. From the drawing board to the living room, each step is infused with the passion for excellence that Mike’s Life Supplies is known for.


Experience Elegance and Comfort with Our New Range

Immerse yourself in the epitome of home refinement with Mike’s Life Supplies’ newest collection. Each piece in our selection is a testament to elegance, promising to infuse sophistication into every nook of your residence. We invite you to peruse our exquisite array at and begin the transformative journey of redefining your living spaces. Delve into a world where beauty and functionality reside in harmony, and envision the endless possibilities that our products can usher into your home.

Connect with the artisans of space at Mike’s Life Supplies—our design mavens are at the ready to guide you through a personalized home styling experience. Download our lookbook brimming with inspiration; it’s more than a catalog, it’s a gateway to reimagining your environment, offering a glimpse into the potential of your personal oasis. Join an exclusive circle of discerning homeowners who don’t just furnish their spaces—they curate them with the distinctive and sustainable elegance that is synonymous with Mike’s Life Supplies.


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Mike’s Life Supplies is a pioneer in the home lifestyle industry, offering an array of products that span from essential furniture to luxurious bedding. With sustainability at its core, the company is dedicated to providing eco-friendly, durable, and stylish home solutions that cater to the modern consumer’s needs. For more information, visit and join our revolution in home living.