Mid-Year Summary| Top 3 Industries in 2022: Electric Cars, Metaverse, Hydrogen Energy

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In just the past few months, under the complex international environment, the uncertain global economy, and the repeated outbreaks in Beijing and Shanghai, the overall trend of the global capital market has not been good, and the activity has decreased significantly. In the sluggish market, there are still few fans.

Looking ahead to 2022, although the US stock market still faces some pressure, the inflection point may have emerged, Wall Street institutions believe that in the face of pressure embracing the quality growth track is a good strategy. Looking forward to the second half of 2022 from the current perspective 2022, the keyword of investment is “growth”, that is, the industry that focuses on long-term growth, and then looks like the company, it should be to find a winner in the growth industry that is not divided. To sum up, it is a “growth, cycle”.

Based on the rise of emerging industries in 2021, the significant new tracks in the second half of 2022 will be further deepened, expanded, and strengthened, and the industry status will achieve greater scale growth than in the first half of the year. These emerging industries can be subdivided into: new energy-green power-new infrastructure, new energy-electric vehicles, new energy-hydrogen energy industry, metaverse-hardware manufacturing, metaverse-architecture construction, metaverse-TMT industry upgrading, TMT-chip semiconductor concept, etc., etc.

electric vehicle

Last year, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles reached 12.7 percent. It has increased by 1.7 times year on year. Its mentioned effect and trend of traditional fuel vehicles have formed a tide of development. This drives the development of onboard chips, various sensors, automotive radar, and central control display equipment. In addition, the global new energy vehicles ushered in the growth wave is unstoppable. In 2022, in the context of the definite growth of new energy vehicles, high-end automotive components, such as automotive chips, automotive sensors, automotive images, display equipment, and other tracks ushered in long-term growth opportunities. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the trend of new energy electric vehicles upgrading to intelligent and connected vehicles. According to the latest policy, the framework and threshold requirements of the current purchase subsidy technical index system will remain unchanged by 2022. The subsidy scale will be lifted from the originally expected subsidy ceiling of 2 million units, covering the whole year of 2022. This means that, with the scale of new energy vehicles driven by the improvement of cost reduction capacity, at the end of 2022, the increase of new energy vehicles is very strong.


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When metaverse in 2021 is popular, many people know the word metaverse, but many people just have a concept and don’t understand what. metaverse may be a new concept for changing the way people socialize in the future and creating a new model of work and entertainment. Several global TMT industry giants have said that they will enter the metaverse industry. In 2022, metaverse will further develop from the four dimensions of hardware, architecture, development software, and ecological construction, and even drive the development of technology, media, and communication industries to complete the upgrading, and create greater market value. Thorough concept of the existing economic and social form. Thus, smart wearables, games, cultural media, hardware construction, public social networking, and other concepts can be derived. metaverse includes infrastructure construction, hardware equipment, software applications, and many other fields. From basic database construction to smart wearables, and then to downstream games and media applications, metaverse in 2022 will drive a full recovery of industrial electronics, computers, and multiple segments in communications and media.

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hydrogen energy source

There is no doubt that the dual-carbon target will be the basic goal of the future of global industrial construction. Data show that from 2021 to 2025, the cumulative annual growth rate of cumulative photovoltaic installed capacity is about 18.3%, the annual new installed capacity is 67.4GW, and the cumulative installed capacity will reach 589GW. It is expected that the cumulative annual growth rate of cumulative installed wind power capacity from 2021 to 2025 is about 17.5%, with an average annual new installed capacity of 70GW, and a cumulative installed capacity of 630GW by 2025. To the whole world, the big four major oil companies have simultaneously entered the hydrogen energy track, and the initial determined investment in hydrogen energy has reached tens of billions of dollars. Saudi Arabian oil giant Saudi Aramco, which is targeting 12GW of wind and solar power and 2 million tons of blue hydrogen, has set its renewable energy and hydrogen targets as part of its first sustainability report. The vice president of Chevron said at the Financial Times at its hydrogen summit in London.Chevron will invest $2.5 billion by 2028 in green and blue hydrogen. The company hopes to be part of global clean growth. According to a recent report released by the International Hydrogen Energy Commission, the total global energy investment in the hydrogen sector is expected to reach 500 billion US dollars by 2030, and the hydrogen energy industry has become the focus of attention and investment for enterprises.

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As the new core of the economy, the replacement of traditional industries is an unstoppable spring tide. This is the overall direction that we should see, understand, and have time for the layout. The page of the first half of 2022 has been turned, and the second half of 2022 has set sail. The inflection point is the starting point, the transformation is the hope, and the market in 2022 is worthy of more expectations, a new chapter, and a new market pattern. WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc is a leading holographic AR provider and has been at the forefront of holographic AR technology research for many years, with the goal of becoming the world’s leading holographic cloud platform. The company continues to pay attention to r & d investment, after long-term technology accumulation, according to its existing advantages have been in VR / AR, 5G, artificial intelligence, computing power algorithm, digital twin, virtual people, and other fields have a leading technology reserves.