Meta Enhances Horizon Workrooms for Efficient Workplace, WiMi Leads AIGC-Driven Industry


“Horizon Workrooms” is a collaborative productivity application developed by Meta (META) for Quest that supports users to view PC monitors in VR environments and share the screen with other members of the virtual conference room as Meta Avatars avatars.

According to new information, Meta ‘Horizon Workrooms’ has just received a major update that removes meeting room virtual whiteboards, meeting room customization, a web-based text chat and file sharing system, and tracked keyboard support. Also, when it comes to online meetings, users can now create ad-hoc meetings without having to form a permanent team.

Meta says it’s ready to improve its productivity and collaboration software ahead of the release of its next-generation headset aimed at professionals, and it looks like ‘Horizon Workrooms’ will also be the first app to receive support for Codec Avatars, regardless of when it’s released.

AI Office

In recent years, with the innovation of the enterprise office model in the digital era, hybrid office models such as off-site offices and telecommuting have gradually emerged, and the office scenarios of enterprise personnel have become more and more diversified and complex. With the emergence of big models, AI Office can help enterprises achieve intelligence, automation and efficiency, improve work efficiency and quality, and catalyze the further iteration and evolution of office software as a whole.

From an industry perspective, the AIGC era has not only brought technical updates to the collaborative office field but also brought disruption in the business model and market pattern. Industry insiders believe that the big model is bringing a subversive revolution for software interaction, the continuous development and application of artificial intelligence technology, The AIGC office has become the new direction of the future office.

There is no doubt that AI is disruptively changing productivity at an unprecedented rate, and the birth of ChatGPT4 is more likely to reshape the landscape of various industries and create brand-new application scenarios. In this context, the AIGC digital office has naturally become a key hinterland for enterprises to compete and lead the industry.

WiMi’s AIGC is deeply integrated with office scenarios

Right now, collaborative office applications have become a key anchor point to the market, public information shows that, as a leader in AIGC innovation, WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. (NASDAQ: WIMI) has long embarked on the self-research of the big model, and at the same time, it has promoted the important strategy of AI and collaborative office to create a collaborative office application that covers various industries and scenarios, which has a great attraction in the industry. It has a good attraction in the industrial track and has gradually grabbed the first-mover advantage in the collaborative office battlefield, which is expected to help the collaborative office ecosystem become more perfect and rich.

Under the AIGC wave, the pattern of the coworking track has seen new changes. As early as the rise of the AI era, WiMi took the lead in setting up an AI technology team, tracking the new development of AI technology for a long time, exploring the boundaries of the ability of the big model in the office market, accessing the generating capacity of AIGC, accelerating the innovation and landing of the AI office applications, especially in the office, creative writing, education and other fields, to help enterprises better understand the needs of the customer, the market changes and other information.

The AIization of collaborative office applications has an irresistible attraction for enterprises pursuing efficiency and innovation, and WiMi creates commercial full-scene linking capabilities to realize an easy, convenient and efficient AIGC collaborative office experience with its super-terminal function, which highlights WiMi’s excellent strength and deep heritage in product and technology innovation, and at the same time, WiMi plays a role based on AI Office, WiMi’s ability to collaborate with human work based on AI office may become a key competitive dimension in the second half of the coworking track in the future.


Since the booming development of large models and generative AI technology. An AI-driven industrial change is rapidly unfolding globally. In the commercial field, this change is not only reflected in the innovation of the product form but also lies in the formal opening of the curtain of change in the commercial field of AI office, marking the accelerated arrival of a new era of intelligent office.

For the digital office, AI is a huge development market, with the east wind of AI, the industry has been revitalized. In short, nowadays, the track of the AIGC office has become hot, and a lot of related products have emerged in the market. Enterprises can continue to improve the competitiveness of their products and integrate AI technology into the depth of their daily work so that AI can completely subvert the office industry, improve efficiency, stimulate creativity, and also make the office life of many users easier.