How did Michael Stemley hack his way into stardom?

Michael Stemley (2)

Michael Stemley is the CEO and founder of ML Production. The businessman is from New Orleans is always spotted besides celebs. Stemley recently also became a best-selling author. His book is titled “Wealth, Power, Respect” and highlights the importance of investing in the self.

A person who is always out and about, Michael is often spotted by the sides of celebrities. One cannot but get the sense that the man is a fame and money magnet.

In his book, Stemley describes how Hurricane Katrina made him realize that like the storm had hit the city and left it vulnerable, so each person is vulnerable when faced with a physical or financial loss. As a young black man in New Orleans, he was determined to become like those people who could visit the exclusive lounge at sporting events. He not only proved to everyone that he had what it takes to make it, but is also able to pass on his knowledge as a mentor, life coach, and author.

Hurricane Katrina shaped the way he saw his financial future

It was after an accident with his newly purchased luxury vehicle that he realized he had to become more financially literate and to learn more about financial survival. The accident had coincided with him not only owing money on his vehicle but also having just completed building his dream home.

In “Wealth, Power, Respect”, Stemley’s readers learn about how to strategically place themselves to ensure a great future. The way Michael lives his life you can see that people lower down the pyramid are drawn to his fame and he knows all about helping young artists as they offer their musical gifts to the world.

Moving in successful circles

Michael’s buzzword is the R&B legend Teddy Riley and together they have accomplished much more than just a working relationship. Besides being business partners, the award-winning legend depends on Michael’s financial wisdom. The two were seen and photographed together when Teddy Riley was presented his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star in 2019. Meanwhile, Michael and Riley are always present at each other’s closest family gatherings.

Supporting his “peeps” as Michael calls his network of clients, is something he does well. Michael is not only present at events that he has promoted but at many other significant events and moments in their lives.

ML Production takes the growth of these artists seriously, and Michael does not only see himself as a manager but also as a mentor. Michael fits in well in the world of stars whether they are from the world of music, athletes, or other famous celebs that he manages and partners with.

He followed his childhood dream and made it a reality. For Michael the world of music and entertainment is an art form that needs nurturing. He is often spotted next to the likes of Keith Washington, Kool Moe Dee, and other super-talented musicians. Sir George, the powerful billionaire has also been spotted in Michael’s company at events.

Eclipsing the popularity of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

Michael is a spiritual person and all his public appearances show that he is a deeply respected man. It is obvious from public appearances that he believes in clean living and taking care of his appearance and wellbeing. Life has a deeper meaning for him than just making money, however, the importance of ensuring financial security doesn’t evade him.

Stemley’s book can is in a similar vein to Robert T. Kiyosaki’s best-seller “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. In his book, Kiyosaki advises people about managing their finances. He also explains the difference between working for money and having money working as a means of growing income. Kiyosaki was influenced by two people in his life, his real father and the rich father of a friend.

Twenty years later, the book has been re-issued and updated, showing the relevance of many things he was challenged about at the time of his book’s initial release.

Michael Stemley concentrates on giving his readers a firm foundation in financial literacy, especially for those starting from scratch. He highlights the importance of spending less than is earned and how people need to invest in self-improvement. Choosing a lifestyle and being able to support it is what financial freedom is all about.

Both authors agree that the ability to manage money needs to be taught, but cannot be taught at school. However, Stemley feels that everyone, no matter their background can follow their passions and dreams and make successful moves.

Michael Stemley offers his readers the ingredients to create a life that will include wealth, power, and respect. He is living proof that his recipe which includes hard work, smart work, self-control patience, and time does work.

And in his words: “You need to be responsible for your choices and accept your faults and challenges. Every situation must be met head-on and the best must be made of it, even if it’s bad.”

Music events, awards, and releases may have come to a standstill for a while, but Michael and his music and celebrity partners are working behind the scenes preparing for a return to normal, including exciting philanthropic events.