GoDaddy Faces Pressure from Activist Investor Starboard for Value Creation


GoDaddy Inc. has recently found itself in the spotlight as activist investor Starboard Value LP, holding a substantial 7.8% stake in the company, has sent a compelling letter urging GoDaddy to explore “alternative value creation opportunities.” This includes considering the potential sale of the web-hosting giant. The move has had an immediate impact on GoDaddy’s stock price, which saw a 3.5% gain in premarket trading following the news.

Unlocking Value Potential

Starboard Value contends that GoDaddy is significantly undervalued in the current market landscape. They highlight that GoDaddy’s stock trades at an astonishing 40% discount compared to its broader technology peers. This stark undervaluation has captured the attention of the activist investor, who is now pushing for decisive actions to unleash the latent value in the company.

GoDaddy’s Need to Cut Costs

One of the central recommendations put forth by Starboard is for GoDaddy to intensify its cost-cutting efforts. Streamlining operations, optimizing resources, and identifying areas for greater efficiency are seen as essential steps to enhance shareholder value. The activist investor underscores the importance of these measures in the current competitive and dynamic technology sector.

Board Representation and Shareholder Concerns

Starboard’s call for GoDaddy to consider their recommendations is reinforced by a notable concern: the lack of representation for one of the company’s largest shareholders on the board. This absence is especially concerning as GoDaddy has faced challenges in meeting its commitments and delivering favorable shareholder returns. Starboard’s intervention aims to address these issues by advocating for a more robust and responsive governance structure.

Stock Performance and Industry Context

Over the past year, GoDaddy’s stock has faced challenges, posting a 6.0% decline. In contrast, the Technology Select Sector SPDR ETF surged by 24.6%, and the broader S&P 500 advanced by 9.2% during the same period. This performance gap highlights the urgency for GoDaddy to explore strategic options and capitalize on growth opportunities.


GoDaddy, a prominent player in the web-hosting industry, is now at a crossroads. The intervention by activist investor Starboard Value LP serves as a catalyst for change, urging the company to unlock its potential and create value for shareholders. The call for cost-cutting measures, board representation, and an exploration of alternative value creation avenues underscores the importance of adaptability and innovation in the fiercely competitive technology sector. GoDaddy’s response to these recommendations will likely shape its trajectory in the coming months, making it a situation worth monitoring for investors and industry observers alike.