launches NFTs to the stars by naming stars on Blockchain


As humans, we have a collective fascination with nature and all its beauty, whether it be a creature on land or sea, but the sky encapsulates an entire universe all on its own with multiple galaxies and millions of stars – all lightyears out of reach. So, if you’ve ever looked up at the night sky and you’ve managed to track and select a certain star, now you could have the opportunity to give it a name, which will be the only name that star you have selected will ever receive. How do you name a star, you ask? Well, Davidd Tech founder of DeStars has all the answers on how you can claim yourself a little piece of the night sky.

Make a Star Yours

The idea of naming a star came to Davidd one starry night outside in his garden in London. Since the age of 13, his passion over the years has been coding, which entails using a programming language to manipulate a computer into behaving in a desired way, with each line of the code composed of instructions for the computer, however, his interest has evolved over the years and his interest in Smart Contracts has only recently become a career path he has chosen to pursue. Inspired by the HashMask movement, which is a collaborative art project from Switzerland-based Suum Cuique Labs that hosts a collection of unique digital art portraits on the Ethereum network, Tech decided that he will investigate how many stars have already been mined and how you can use an NFT to name yourself a star on the Ethereum blockchain. Davidd has said the following about how you can obtain certification for naming your star:

“Names of astronomical objects are named and agreed upon by the IAU (International Astronomical Union). The IAU hasn’t taken on any new names for stars, and probably won’t ever. The bottom line is that numbers are much more useful for astronomers searching to studying stars.” Yet, with DeStar it is now possible since “ the solution is registering in Decentralized Storage IPFS with an NFT.”

What is a Smart Contract?

Smart contracts also use an embedded computer code which is a self-enforcing agreement and managed by a blockchain. A smart contract is different from normal coding because the specific code contains a certain set of rules under which the parties of that smart contract will agree to interact with each other and the agreement will automatically be enforced if the predefined rules are met. This smart contract program runs on the Ethereum blockchain which means that as a user you will have an account that has a balance and you will be able to send transactions over the network, however, they are not controlled by the account holder, but instead are deployed to the network and run as programmed.

Now that you have a better idea of coding works, next we will look at how you can solidify yourself a spot amongst the stars.

Blockchain Immortalization

Most NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are part of the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs can really be anything digital and represents a cryptographic token that has an individual characteristic that sets it apart and this uniqueness, in turn, generates value over time. DeStars allows you to utilize this digital asset in the form of naming a star and since there is no way of officially registering a star, Davidd created this initiative to provide a solution to those who would like to take the power back to those who would like to make use of this rare opportunity.

How it Works

Name your Star

Each star receives a unique name which means that no star name can be identical. Using 25 symbols including spaces, you can name your selected star, and once christened it can’t be changed. The digital economy of your unique NFT serves as authenticity and proof of your ownership and your options range from Normal Stars to the Very Bright Stars.

After you have claimed your star, it will be minted with your name which can be attached to your ETH wallet. It is then up to you whether you would like to resell your star for profit on an exchange like or you can keep it and solidify yourself an eternal spot in the sky.

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