Cryptocurrency of Jobchain (JOB) went up 10000% in 2020

Cryptocurrency of Jobchain (JOB) went up 10000% in 2020

Jobchain founder, José Bay, is considered one of the top blockchain influencers in Spain. The young entrepreneur developed the first platform that connects professionals and companies around the world. Payments for jobs are received or sent via the platform using a selection of the best cryptocurrencies. In addition, the platform will enable safe and easy storage, purchase and exchange of cryptocurrencies.

The physicist from Valencia, Spain, traveled extensively for his work with some of the world’s greatest institutions like the UN and International Atomic Energy Agency. He became aware of limitations with people’s employment opportunities and issues with payments which made him seek solutions based on blockchain technology.

Jobchain® has offices in Madrid, Palo Alto, and Vienna. Today we are honored to speak to Mr. Bay who joined us for this interview via a teleconference from his office in Vienna.

Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to tell us more about your company and its cryptocurrency JOB. What inspired you to leave your job as a physicist to become an entrepreneur?

Employees thrive on the security of knowing they will be paid, no matter where they work. Traditional payment methods, usually made through banks, entail bank fees. Payrolls often take many days to get clearance.

Blockchain technology eliminates the need for any third-party involvement, has no added costs, and is immediate. Cryptocurrencies don’t take holidays and can be traded through the night too. In other words, the whole process is streamlined and cenvenient.

Are there any other advantages to receiving a salary in cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are created in limited numbers, and this assures asset value growth over time. One example is JOB, the cryptocurrency born as a result of Jobchain, it was the fastest-growing virtual currency globally in 2020. Since its inception, it has grown over 1000%. The advantage for people around the world is that their purchasing power increases, something which does not happen with traditional currencies.

Another advantage is that there are more than 1.7 billion people around the globe without access to bank accounts. There are various reasons for this, but for many, it’s because they live in remote areas, or because they don’t have permanent residence status if they are migrants. They don’t qualify for a social security number where they reside, and without it, they cannot open an account. Jobchain allows them to receive and manage the money they earn in a way they can completely control.

Let me also mention we have developed smart contracts that formalize employment contracts safely.

How can people use their salaries if they are earning them in a cryptocurrency?

Very easy, Jobchain is available with Bitsa and Bitnovo, these work like debit cards and can be used anywhere where VISA is accepted. People can pay with JOB tokens or in another cryptocurrency.

Can you say the transition into the entrepreneurial world was an easy one?

Nothing in this life can be achieved without hard work. It wasn’t easy to become a physicist, and the path to growing Jobchain into a company with many accomplishments was initially filled with uncertainty – but worth the ride.

When I decided to explore the idea of helping millions of people earn their bread and butter, I knew I had to come up with something good. The project was completely self-funded because it was not initially met with much interest. Outside confidence in my work grew as Jobchain achievements made others sit up and pay attention.

What are Jobchain’s most significant achievements so far?

There are many, but the listing of the JOB token in the Bittrex exchange, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges is the latest achievement. Therefore, it comes to mind first.

I was also very proud when we won the International Blockchain Contest at an event in Romania. That gave our hard work and perseverance the recognition it deserved. We now have close partnerships with many companies and won the vote to be listed in LA Token.

JOB is one of the cryptocurrencies with immense growth. How do you feel about this, and which are your favorite cryptos right now?

When we look at the growth of cryptocurrencies over the last five years, I am very proud to say that JOB is right up there with Bitcoin and Ethereum. My favorites are Ethereum (ETH), Chilliz (CHZ), and JOB. I am very proud to say that Jobchain is on par with Ethereum as one of the most advanced blockchain technologies.

How do you envision the future, especially after a very difficult year globally?

People need to feel more socially secure and supported, and the best way to do this is by providing them a sustainable and safe way to earn money through blockchain. Upliftment is essential, and blockchain, smartphones, electricity, and the internet are services that everyone must have access to. This is the only way to eradicate poverty on a global scale.

What cause means a lot to you?

Through Jobchain, I am fighting two of the causes that mean a lot to me. The first is seeing everybody on the planet thrive through work opportunities and the second one is to offer a reliable platform where they can fulfil its financial needs.

You are admired by many in the tech world and considered a significant figure in blockchain in your native Spain. Who are the people you admire?

The people I admire most are not famous but are those who have shown me a willingness to help others without seeking anything in return. These people I have met all over, including during my studies and work. They are too many to name.

Spain is known as a soccer-loving nation. Who is your favorite sportsman?

I’m afraid I may disappoint you by telling you I prefer basketball and squash. My favorite sportsmen are Rami Ashour in squash and and Alex Caruso, in basketball.