Cole & Van Note Announces Lipsey Communications Data Breach Investigation

Cole Van Note

Cole & Van Note, a leading consumer rights law firm, announces today its investigation of Lipsey Communications on behalf of its consumers/clients, arising out the company’s recent data breach. According to the company, the private information of a massive number of people may have been stolen in the hacking of its information network. It is currently unknown how many people have had their information used for criminal purposes.

In the event that you have received a notification regarding the concerning data breach or have engaged in any form of transaction with Lipsey Communications, it is imperative to recognize the gravity of the situation. Your personal information could potentially be compromised, placing it within the reach of cybercriminals. Given this scenario, it is of utmost importance that you address this matter with a sense of urgency.

The genesis of every situation often originates with a single individual displaying the courage to initiate contact. The significance of a single action cannot be underestimated. In this case, taking the step to acknowledge the breach and its potential impact is the crucial first stride towards safeguarding your information and minimizing the risks associated with unauthorized access.

The notice you have received is not merely a routine communication but a call to action. The breach’s implications underscore the need for your immediate attention. Cybercriminals are opportunistic and swift to exploit vulnerabilities; therefore, a swift response on your part is pivotal in curbing any potential misuse of your personal data.

Confronting such challenges necessitates collective vigilance and individual responsibility. By acknowledging the breach and its potential consequences, you contribute to a collective effort to mitigate risks and prevent further compromise. Every individual who takes heed and responds to the notification plays a significant role in safeguarding both personal data and the wider community from the detrimental effects of cybercrime.

Visit the DATA BREACH CENTER we host for helpful tips to prevent future breaches. Ransomware, Malware, Phishing and Denial of Service remain the most prevalent forms of this crime, but bad actors are discovering new methods and technologies every day to steal your information.

Don’t wait to get a letter regarding a data breach to check if your information is vulnerable. You probably won’t get one. But, if you have already been hacked (and almost all people have been), heavy damages and penalties are available to you. We stand ready to recover them for you, while helping you find ways of protecting your identity against further harm. Let us know if you or someone you know has received notice via mail or email of a financial or healthcare data breach, or phishing emails. We’ll take it from there.

Cole & Van Note is ready to discuss your options and can be contacted at (510) 891-9800, by email at or through the firm’s website by clicking below:



Cole & Van Note has successfully handled consumer and employee rights matters since 1992. The firm has recovered compensation for millions of individuals and stands ready to help you get paid for your losses. Contacting us is always free of charge, always confidential and may be your best resource for keeping your information/identity protected and for submitting a claim for financial compensation in the event your data was breached. If your information was accessed, you are probably entitled to substantial compensation. Don’t pass up that opportunity.


A few minutes now may mean the difference between winning and losing your case! Getting paid for your involvement with this cyber-security breach is a lot easier than you may think. Our job is to demystify the legal process for you and design a plan of action to get you paid ASAP. We’ll review your claim, provide you a legal opinion and develop a step-by-step plan for the best outcome.


Cybercrime is a reality which is getting worse every day. A growing percentage of cyber-attacks target sensitive business records within government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses alike. Our firm specializes in navigating the devastating consequences of various organizations/companies’ negligence (e.g.) Rackspace, Oakwood University, Bay Bridge Administrators, Forty Niners Football Company and now this one.

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