Business Internet Statistics, Facts and Trends

Business Internet Statistics, Facts and Trends

The digital landscape continuously grows and evolves with newer, more enhanced features and opportunities presenting themselves every day. In recent years businesses have started integrating their business onto the internet, which has proven hugely successful. Companies who choose not to be on the internet in the modern digital world could miss a sizable and profitable demographic. The following is an in-depth analysis of essential internet statistics, facts, and trends to develop a complete perspective on the digital world of business.

1. Internet Usage Statistics

According to the World Internet Statistics, there are approximately 4 208 571 287 internet users on the internet. An approximate number of 1.95 billion websites and 3.5 billion online users are also on social media platforms.

2.  Daily US Online Sales

Online shopping is a convenient task that has become a daily habit for Americans to occupy their free time. A recent study suggests that the US sees an increase in daily online sales by 110 percent.

3.  Global eCommerce Market

According to leading eCommerce giant Shopify, revenue through eCommerce is likely to reach an approximate market value of $4.8 trillion in the coming years. With a projected annual growth rate of 276 percent, eCommerce is expected to grow astronomically in the future.

4.  The Latest Research Suggests Not Everyone is Recommending Online Businesses

A recent study suggested that 57 percent of online internet users reported that they do not recommend a business to friends and family if it has a poorly designed mobile website.

5.  Artificial Intelligence as a New Business Internet Trend

Artificial Intelligence is on the incline, with improvements and developments emerging every day. Recent studies suggest that AI is slowly being incorporated into eCommerce and is tasked with learning consumer patterns; this may develop into highly personalized and relevant customer experiences that could be much more streamlined.

6.  Load Delays Impact On Internet Business

According to a study, it has been reported that a 1-second delay in loading pages could be tied to a 7 percent reduction in conversion rates which could negatively impact eCommerce success.

7.  Digital Customer Support

Consumers by nature have always been known to be impatient, but as the trend of instant online gratification grows, so do customer’s expectations. Research indicates that 75 percent of customers leave a business website if they do not find support within 5 minutes of entering.

8.  Gender Statistics

Women generally are assumed by most to splurge on shopping sprees. However, statistics show otherwise. According to a study, only about 48.7 percent of people who make purchases on the internet are female, making the male population the majority in the online shopping scene.

9.  Social Media Business Internet Statistics

Research demonstrated that approximately 50 million businesses use Facebook pages to connect with potential customers and 140 million companies use Facebook along with its related applications to reach and grow their customer base.

10.  The Thriving Millennial Market

According to a survey conducted in recent years, it may be assumed that 60 percent of millennials practice online shopping, making this generation the most likely to purchase online when compared to others.

11. Online Shopping Statistics

The number of people shopping online seems to be on a steady incline as the years pass by. Studies show that over 1.79 billion people purchased products or a service through the internet at least once within recent years.

12.  Omnichannel Shopping

Recent integrations with eCommerce and social media has made browsing an everyday practice; research suggests that approximately 73 percent of all online customers use more than one platform for shopping.

13.  Voice Powered Shopping

As a recent breakthrough in the eCommerce landscape, voice-powered shopping is estimated to surpass the $40 billion mark throughout the US and UK in the near future.

14.  Buying Decision Influences for Consumers

According to a study, factors that influence buying decisions are: low prices, easy return policies, enhanced payment, delivery options, and descriptive details about the product/service.

15.  Digital Presence Investments

Based on the evidence, small companies are usually the quickest to adapt to new innovations in the business scene. Based on research, approximately 70 percent of small business enterprises seem to be investing in their digital presence. This actively demonstrates that the future of business may likely be in an online landscape.

16.  SEO Optimization Internet Business

SEO optimization may likely be one of the most cost-effective and high-converting ways to attract potential business onto an online platform. However, ranking well on Google is not always as straightforward as one might think. Should companies want to harness the power of SEO, they would require comprehensive and content-heavy pages to achieve success.

17.  Top Lead Generation Methods

Based on research and evidence, experts have found that the best methods for lead generation include: email marketing, event coordination, and strategic content marketing to both retain old and generate new consumer leads.

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