7 Budget-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Teacher

7 Budget-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Child's Teacher

If you have children in school, they likely want to do things to let their teacher know that they are appreciated during the year. They could make a card for a birthday or get a gift for the end of the year. Christmas is a time when your child might think that presents need to be expensive to show that their teacher is loved, but there are a few budget ideas to consider that are just as special.

1. Ornaments

There are several types of ornaments that your child can make for their teacher that can be hung on a tree the following year. The teacher can then look at the tree and think of all of the students that they have had in prior classes. Handprints in plaster, designs drawn or painted on wooden coasters with string, and small chalkboards with personalized messages are a few options.

2. Candles

Many teachers enjoy having items that smell good that they can keep in the classroom or at home. Candles make wonderful gift ideas that are budget-friendly if you get smaller sizes. You could look for clearance candles at the end of the summer season or packs of multiple candles that can be divided and put in bags with other small gifts if you’re trying to save money during the holidays.

3. Sweet Treats

Whether it’s cakes, cookies, or pies, you can spend very little getting the ingredients to bake treats for your child’s teacher. You can get a festive container or clear wrap and a bow for the items along with a mug and hot chocolate mix for a gift that is easy on the wallet.

4. Cups

A fun idea for a holiday gift that can be within your budget is a tumbler. There are usually numerous designs to choose from along with different sizes. You can put a few pieces of candy, some chapstick, a pair of gloves, or a gift card in the tumbler to spice up the gift for the teacher.

5. Hand Supplies

While shopping in stores for the holiday season, take a look at some of the bundles that have lotion, sanitizer, or soap in them. You can get a set that has multiple scents for one teacher or a pack that you can divide to create a small basket with other items. Soaps and lotions are good gifts to consider because of the dry air during the winter season.

6. Class Supplies

Pay attention to the supplies that your child’s teacher might be running short on since school started. You can make a basket with some of these items, such as glue sticks, crayons, and pencils. Decorate the bag or basket with school designs or fun festive decorations for the holiday.

7. Get Cozy

After a long day, a teacher might want to relax at home with a warm blanket. You can make a small basket with an inexpensive throw, a pair of cozy socks, and a favorite book. You could also include a mug and coffee to complete the gift.

The holiday season is often filled with giving gifts of all shapes, sizes, and prices. Your child can get involved by choosing items for their teacher that are budget-friendly and that are personalized so that they feel just as involved as the adults.