MM72 and TOKPIE offer a passive income of 0.1% EVERY HOUR

By joining the liquidity pool on the MM72 and TKP token together you’ll get a 0.1% liquidity bonus EVERY HOUR!

What is MM72?

MM72 is a BEP-20 token, that is, mined on the Binance Smart Chain, a cryptocurrency fresh from listing, but which has already given remarkable performances. In fact, MM72 has already made a first jump to the moon with a + 4000%. This result was registered on on the same day on May 18th.

MM72 is an essential part of a long-term project that aims at the development and short-term release of a special DApp. This tool will allow you to convert your “junk tokens” (also known as Non Performing Tokens) with MM72 tokens. But that’s not the real news. The outstanding functionality is that this DApp guarantees 10 to 100 times higher value than any other swap tool.

A project that has made a lot of talk about itself all over the world, especially because it was presented in a particularly sensitive period.

Almost all cryptocurrencies are losing value in the wake of TERRA’s UST de-pegging and the thousands of speculative coins that arise every day make other tokens and coins that did not have adequate thickness in their tokenomics lose value. The current market situation therefore counts millions of users with wallets full of worthless digital asstes ready to join the MM72 DApp.

One week from May 14, the day of the listing

On the occasion of the completion of one week from its listing MM72 promotes a co-marketing initiative together with the TOKPIE exchange. Any crypto investor can obtain a passive income of 0.1% EVERY HOUR in the case of purchase and maintenance of liquidity in MM72 + TKP ( by joining the liquidity pool of MM72 + TKP in

How does it work?

First of all, you need to be equipped with a METAMASK wallet (there is an app for each device) and with a choice of BNBs that can be purchased directly by credit card from your wallet. It is therefore necessary to go to and purchase an amount of your choice of MM72 and TKP (TOKPIE exchange token). Once you have obtained the MM72 and TKP, just click on the “liquidity” section in the “trade” menu of and add liquidity. In the box above enter the quantity of MM72 purchased and in the box below the quantity of TKP. After authorizing METAMASK for the transaction, press “Supply”. From now on, simply keeping the MM72 / TKP in pool you will get a passive income EVERY HOUR of 0.1%.

More information on how to join the MM72 + TKP pool can be found here.

This initiative does NOT expire. When you are satisfied with the profit obtained, you can withdraw your liquidity from the pool at any time and easily convert it back into USDT or BNB. With an exchange like Binance you can then convert USDT or BNB into EURO or USD.

Don’t forget to vote here and share!. Each vote obtained will allow you to obtain additional bonuses.  These will be reflected as an increase in the passive income in your pool.

MM72 on the markets.

The quotations of MM72 vary on the different exchanges, especially if we compare the values with which the token can be purchased on and those reported by derived from the trading volume developed on the exchange. This is leading to considerable speculation by users who buy the token on the marketplace that has the lowest price and then resell it on the exchange at the highest price. Due to this price instability, MM72 debuted on the exchange with a price of $ 0.005, then rose to $ 0.07 for a few hours, then losing almost 90% of its value. Now the MM72 token can be bought at an average of $ 0.000513 on Tokpie and $ 0.0002 on