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Rock Hash won the “Best Investment Partner Award” by Robb Report

According to the official source, Robb Report held a dinner party themed “Best of the Best” in RENAISSANCE Bangkok on the evening of December 20th, this event aims to strengthen communication and resource sharing among enterprises and hold an awards ceremony for the outstanding enterprises selected by Robb Report in 2021. The invited companies include

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Pierre Corbin

Pierre Corbin Releases Documentary on the Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is the latest financial innovation on everyone’s lips. From how traders have managed to turn their experimental investments into full-time jobs, the market fluctuations, and the numerous currencies that are available for trade. From curiosity to controversy, cryptocurrency is definitely a financial platform to keep an eye on. Bitcoin is the most popular form

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Centric (CNR/CNS) Moves into Ecommerce Transactions

With some large multinational enterprises dipping into the cryptocurrency playing field, 2021 became an interesting year for digital currencies and eCommerce. It started with Tesla adding $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin to its balance sheet. They soon followed this with an announcement that it would allow customers to pay in the coin, with the company

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Top 7 Crypto Payment Gateways For 2021

Recently the Atlanta-based cryptocurrency payment services provider, BitPay, announced that it has integrated the decentralized exchange aggregator 1inch Network. BitPay wallet users can now utilize 1inch protocol to swap a myriad of ERC20 tokens… but what is a cryptocurrency payment gateway exactly?  A crypto payment gateway essentially allows merchants to accept transactions in cryptocurrencies. Most

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Boost your business with crypto payments: NOWPayments solution

Cryptocurrency payments have lower fees, offer global reach with no additional cross-border fees and a new, active community to engage. According to Yahoo Finance, there are 300M cryptocurrency users in the world – all of them your potential customers. More and more businesses and even countries are starting to adopt crypto payments: El Salvador, Paypal,

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Will Crypto Lending Become the Future of Banking?

As the number of cryptocurrency users grows, these currencies are slowly finding favor with governments and traditional finance systems. More and more enterprises in the public and private sector are adopting cryptocurrencies in their financial dealings, including for making payments, as an investment, and value storage. Financial institutions were initially hesitant to adopt the use

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Crypto asset

Is Paper Money Making Way For Cryptocurrency?

Money is not the problem, it’s what you do with it. – Bright  Enabulele The global economy is experiencing non-stop digital revolution and transformation.  The fear of uncertainty is becoming eminent. For some, cash is still something they use every day. However, for the younger generation, cash is becoming more and more obsolete as it

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