Tech Leaders of 2021: Bryan Legend, Elon Musk, Avi Benezra

Tech Leaders of 2021 Bryan Legend, Elon Musk, Avi Benezra

Bryan Legend (Clever DeFi)

Through determination and a consistently positive mindset, Bryan Legend has seen the creation of numerous successful businesses. He attributes his success to the power of branding – the interaction between individuals and your business depends significantly on how they see your brand. A brand that people trust is a brand that will succeed long term. This is an essential part of any successful entrepreneur, and it’s vital in the cryptocurrency industry where trust is the backbone of the success of a business.

Within the Cryptocurrency industry, Bryan has established himself as someone of influence with 8 years of reputation in blockchain. His response to modern needs is DeFi – Decentralized Finance. In his mind, this is the way forward for financial institutions who need to keep up with the swift changes wrought by the digital age.

In order to carve out his place in this new market, he has founded Clever DeFi – a groundbreaking DeFi Protocol which utilizes blockchain technology through the automatic distribution of set interest payments to appropriate assignees of CLEVER Token (CLVA). In essence, this method of setting aside wealth has the benefit of increased interest rates, especially in relation to accepted bank technology which hasn’t incorporated the latest technology.

Avi and Henri Benezra (SnatchApp)

SnatchApp is an innovative new messaging app which has established itself as more secure than its most prominent competitors such as WhatsApp and Zoom. The app offers an exceptional integration with Snatchbot – a chatbot technology powered by AI.

Years of experience in not only computer science, but also communications, led to the creation of the innovative SnatchApp. One of the most significant aspects of the messaging app is the level of security and protection of the user’s personal privacy. Some of the methods used to guarantee this security are an open-source code and end-to-end message encryption. The open source code means that it can be scrutinized all the time by professionals. More than that, messages can be set to self-destruct, and secret chats can be conducted.

The success of SnatchApp ultimately rests on its innovative use of AI technology mingled with a focus on the safety and security of its users.


Elon Musk (Neuralink)

Elon Musk has become a household name when it comes to technological innovation – and that isn’t set to change. Recently he has made headlines with SpaceX which plans on making space travel available to everyone, and which aims to colonize Mars.

Closer to home, Tesla is the car company leading the way in electric cars which focus on clean energy, especially compared to the vehicle options available today.

His current project, Neuralink, deals with the enhancement of what the human brain is capable of. This minutely invasive brain computer interface is pioneering, and speaks to the way in which artificial intelligence will completely reshape our world.

This project was created with the aim of improving the lives of those who suffer from debilitating health issues related to limited motor skills, including paralysis or spinal cord injuries. Although human trials have not been conducted, it is hoped that it will be approved soon.

Final considerations

Using technology as the base, these tech leaders are focused on utilizing technology in an effort to improve the world in general. However, they keep in mind the need to respect user privacy, and the requirement to keep users safe and secure in their daily interactions with the latest innovations.

Even in this bid to extend the range of technology beyond the imaginations of so many, there remains the importance of not only prinavy policies, but also human rights in general which cannot be overshadowed in the name of technological breakthrough.