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When it comes to wearing your favourite luxury jewellery brand, you sometimes never stop to think of how it was birthed as an idea. Instead, we just tend to buy products from our favourite brands, without realising what history these brands had and how they reached such success. 

Ottasilver is a luxury jewellery brand that focuses on men as a demographic audience. They specialize in male jewellery such as rings, bracelets and necklaces. Some of the styles for the jewellery are gothic century style, whereas others are more flashy. The quality of the brand is very high, with real sterling silver being one of the materials that they use. Here we tell the story of how the designer jewellery brand started, with one of the founders Enes Kirca.

How it all began

Two young brothers who are now 25 and 28 years old started the brand in their own garage of their home. Enes is one of the brother’s and explains, “It all started from our fascination with selling random items on eBay. We soon saw the growth of our business on the website with just a few jewellery items that we had advertised on there. We were so happy with the fact that our products were sold out and in such high demand.”

They were then inspired to expand the brand globally, with some of the most powerful sources in their pockets such as one of the oldest and largest markets in the world, Istanbul’s famous Grand Bazaar. They were familiar with online platforms and how they work, so they also took advantage of setting up the business online and through social media. Second brother Mustafa Kirca explains, “We had created a satisfactory service with great value for others globally, plus, we revived the limited reach of experienced craftsmen.” 

Soon after that, the business had expanded with the mission to focus on a luxury jewellery brand for men, but to also bring artisans together within the business. Enes Kirca states, “We started out with just 1 artisan locally, but ever since our company grew we have now expanded to 20 different artisan groups and have incorporated lines from designers.”

The success

As the company had become popular, there was an increase in sales with over 7 million people on a monthly basis buying through social media. Ottasilver now has over 700 different pieces of jewellery, with different styles that are accustomed to all customers. Mustafa Kirca explains, “We are constantly looking to expand our range and are always open to recruiting artisans from all over the world.”

The brand’s mission has always been to have as much jewellery available that is at a high quality and versatile, so that everyone can find something that they love. The brand is known globally, for they offer free shipping and free return worldwide. Enes explains that, “customers can purchase our jewellery and try it on to see if they like it or not. If they don’t, then that’s not a problem since we offer free returns.”

Since the company saw a huge peak of success, they have office locations around the world; such as the UK, USA and Netherlands. Their online platform has over 3 million visits per year and is ranked as one of the top 150,000 global websites to visit. There’s no surprise as to why their products are so popular, since they offer free resizing, a two year warranty on all items and a 30 day return policy. 

Mustafa Kirca states, “We love fashion and as two young men, we know that there isn’t a huge market for menswear and jewellery, which is why we want to share our passion with all the men around the world. We also have a section for women who love jewellery that is unique, elegant and even quirky.” 

Jewellery for men is always seen as a sign of status quo, with luxury watches and big gold chains being the most common jewellery pieces to wear in order to show that. However, with Ottasilver, chooses to focus on jewellery that still has high quality and a wide variety of jewellery that is fitted to all styles and outfits.

In order to view the fantastic jewellery range for both men and women, check out the website:


Mariliana Fotopoulou

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