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Ria Serebryakova spotted and interviewed at Le Bernardin, NYC

Ria Serebryakova, was spotted as she was about to enter the famous Le Bernardin in NYC. The model with the beautiful eyes, looking gorgeous as usual, was accompanied by friends.  She politely agreed to give us a few minutes of her time. Here is the interview as it happened:

“This is not the first time that I have come to Le Bernardin so I’m looking forward to a great evening with friends, enjoying some of the best cuisine in the city.” Pointing towards her friends as they entered the restaurant she explained, “Even though we often work on the same projects, we don’t get much time to socialize; we have been planning this for ages.”

Le Bernardin has maintained its excellence and elegance since opening in New York 33 years ago. It earned a four-star ranking from the New York Times a few months after its opening in 1986 and is the only restaurant to maintain this rating for so long.

Maguy Le Coze and Chef Eric Ripert have worked hard to maintain its superiority as a seafood restaurant and have continued to reinvent the business with the gradual additions of a lounge, a príve dining room, and the Aldo Sohm Wine Bar. This year, Le Bernardin was ranked as the No.1 restaurant globally by La Liste, the global food guide.

Ria is looking classy, yet comfortable, in black leather separates and high heeled Aquazzura ankle-length leopard print boots. She chatted about work, her styling and the people around her:

What have you been up to since we last bumped into each other?

It has been a busy year and work has once again taken me everywhere. Fashion shoots always make up the bulk of my work and I have also worked at various fashion shows, including the 2019 Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan.

What part of your work do you enjoy most?

The most demanding jobs are the catwalk shows because we have to dress, change hair and makeup at such a quick pace and backstage everyone is rushing. The audience sees what appears to be a calm model walking but inside us, we are anxious about the next outfit that we have to present. Photoshoots have a better pace, but the demands of the styling can also sometimes take longer than expected. I actually don’t have a preference and I make the best of both situations.

What is it like to work with so many creative people and other models; they usually have a reputation for being difficult?

It all depends on attitude. If someone is looking for a fight, in any work situation, they will get it. I have never had any difficult situations at work and enjoy working with people, whether I have worked with them previously or meeting them for the first time. In modeling, it’s important to listen and learn from those that have something to teach and to also ignore the nasty people out there.

What is a typical workday like for you?

It usually starts early. I like to have time to enjoy a quiet breakfast and to prepare for the day ahead. If possible I walk to assignments because once we arrive it’s time to start the rush of preparations. The hairstylists, makeup artists, and manicurists began preparing us and we speak with the stylist and fashion editor about the clothes and concept of the photoshoot. This is important because once I get in front of the photographer I like to be ready for what is expected of me.

Who is your favorite photographer?

Since I started modeling, I have met so many great photographers that have captured so many successful shoots, so it’s really difficult for me to say who my favorite is.

What is your favorite clothing style?

One of the most memorable photoshoots was an advertorial for Schön Magazine. I loved Han Wen’s style and the youth culture that it represents.

What about Riasalvation, what is she doing?

I have finally found the time to be more active on social media, something that I have always wanted. It’s fun to be able to share snippets of my day in photographs with my followers on Instagram and to interact with them.

You have worked all over the world. Which is your favorite city?

I really love New York, but Tokyo and London are also great because they are modern and have an exciting vibe. On the other hand, European cities, Moscow included have a timeless charm that is always magical.

How do you spend your weekends and where do you usually hang out?

It all depends on where I am, but usually; I relax, explore and spend time with my friends, much like my outing tonight. As for where I hang out – well, the media would love it if I shared precise details, but my friends might not haha, so kindly allow a bit of mystery to prevail.


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