Supermodel Kelsey Turner, AKA Badd Barbie Determined To Succeed in Business Whatever Her Trial Outcome

Kelsey Turner (2)

Three years is long for a case to go to trial. Kelsey Turner, the Playboy Italia Supermodel and businesswoman accused of murder, has decided she won’t waste any more time and is making some moves in the business world from prison.

Turner and her codefendant, Logan Kennison’s trial for the first-degree murder of Thomas Burchard in March 2019 will finally be heard later this year. Kelsey Turner’s work in the modeling fields and her influencer fame made this a high-profile case. Interest in the case hasn’t waned despite the three-year Covid-related delay.

Striving to Succeed

Determined to succeed, whatever the outcome of her trial, Kelsey Turner needs to support her three children financially. According to an unnamed source, Turner maintains she is not guilty of the charges and politely refuses interviews because of the ongoing case. Dr. Burchard, an elderly psychiatrist, was not only a benefactor, helping Turner pay some of her expenses, but Kennison has said the doctor was also their “good friend.”

The same unnamed source disclosed her business moves so far, saying that she recently shot two months’ worth of footage for Love After Lockup. Unfortunately, the footage never aired because the contract negotiations failed.

Sources say that despite stalled negotiations, some footage did appear on one of the episodes (Season 3, Episode 64). One of the characters in the hit show, Max, also spoke about an inmate he was talking to. However, Turner insisted they bleep her name out from the show unless she received proper compensation, turning it into a mystery about who the inmate was.

It wasn’t long before fans of the show discovered Turner’s identity by doing Google searches and following Reddit threads. It appears that Max and Turner continue to remain friends, since he had nothing to do with revealing her name. Kelsey Turner informed her source that she only wants compensation for her time, not because she cares about being famous.

Turner also started an apparel company behind bars in 2021 with her business partner and named it Badd Barbie LLC. Her distinctive clothing style and logo are available on her new Instagram page, Kelseyturnerbaddbarbie, where fans can now follow her. Her source revealed that Kelsey Turner recently created this new Instagram page because she lost her password email for her old account with her 94K followers.

High-Profile Case

From the start, the legal proceedings were followed closely by local media in Las Vegas, where the murder occurred. There was also substantial national media interest, and it is expected to be one of the top trails to watch. Diane Pena, Turner’s housemate, is the third person charged after the murder of Dr. Burchard since she was also present but has testified against the couple. Turner and Kennison insist they left the house, and Pena stayed behind with the victim, who was alive.

Without a doubt, whatever the outcome of her upcoming trial, getting into the modeling world again will prove difficult because of the circumstances surrounding her arrest. Kelsey Turner is more than just a shrewd businesswoman and has never shied away from hard work.

Looking Ahead

Badd Barbie has plans for the future. She knows that if found guilty, the time served will be substantial, but her visions have taken this into account. Business opportunities abound, even from behind bars, and one of her main plans is to continue promoting her clothing business.

Despite the rocky start at the beginning of her imprisonment, as she awaits trial, Kelsey Turner soon realized that she has a lot to offer. She now uses the nickname Badd Barbie, which is also her company name, and sources say that despite her reputation as a diva, she is now a fine example of a model inmate. Her contributions include partaking in demanding chores and her role as a trustee.

As Badd Barbie awaits the next chapter in this saga, she makes sure that she continues to strive and excel in everything she undertakes, including her active business role from behind bars. Besides promoting her merchandise, her plans include working with several charitable foundations with causes close to her heart.

Kelsey Turner, AKA Badd Barbie fans who lost contact with her, now know where to find her. Their support can prove invaluable as she continues to wait for the outcome of her trial.