Privacy or Security? What Businesses Need to Know about Email Security

Many businesses can become hung up on the difference between privacy and security with regards to their corporate emails. In essence, the distinction is immaterial, as the consequences of a breach of either would be just as devastating for a company. 

It is paramount that businesses focus on protecting both the privacy and security of their company’s emails since threats via email are responsible for the largest proportion of cyber attacks against enterprise-class corporations.

What Is Email Security?

Email security is the term used to describe the protection of a business’s emails and the content they contain from being viewed by parties they are not intended for in an effort to minimize data breaches.

Normally, as part of this process, emails will be scanned by the email security software for any unverified files and links. The software is indiscriminate in whose emails it checks, since these malicious attachments can sometimes be unwittingly sent from within a company by colleagues. Alternatively, it could be an external contact attempting an impersonation attack.

Why Is It Important?

It is important that businesses make sure they are employing a strong and effective email security system since this is the easiest point of entry for cyber criminals to exploit. Moreover, over 90% of cyber attacks were made possible with email exploitation.

Amongst other things, proper email security will protect a company against a plethora of attacks, including: ransomware, phishing, and malware. As a positive knock-on effect of this, the protection also extends to your organization’s reputation and brand as you don’t become highlighted as the company that suffered a devastating data leak.

Another reason this software is important is because it mitigates an unfortunate reality of the business world: human error. In the business of working life, it can be very easy for an individual working at a company to fall for a phishing email and spread it around to others – who then trust it because it has come from a trusted, internal sender. Email security would prevent the individual from seeing the email to begin with, eliminating the risk.

Other Considerations

Unfortunately, email security software cannot prevent any and all breaches, as great as that would be. As a consequence, businesses must have procedures in place that it follows in the case of a breach occurring; hope for the best but plan for the worst.

One idea that is worth consideration is the creation of a backup of all your business’s important files. This mitigates the risk of an email attack penetrating your system – as regardless of whether it reaches an internal email, it is precluded from proliferating to your business’s files. This also prevents you from being held at ransom.

Goal Of Email Security

In the end, the main aim of protecting emails with these added security measures is to reduce the chances of the data these emails contain from being viewed by any unauthorized parties (particularly malicious ones). That being said, a recent report by Echoworx suggested this should be accompanied by the core theme of improving user experience.

Furthermore, in excess of 200 global executives that handled the security of their company’s emails maintained that user experience should be at the heart of any decision to increase these security measures.

About Echoworx

Echoworx provides online email security services of the highest quality; they specialize purely in the provision of email data protection, so their solutions are extremely innovative and effective. This is demonstrated by how satisfied their 1 million clients, 97% of whom choose to renew their services on an annual plan.

On top of this, they are dedicated to constantly improving their security measures – as this is the only way to truly provide protection against the constantly-evolving penetration attempts of malicious external parties. They even commenced their own study in order to reveal the trends shaping email security in 2022, which unearthed some of the ways this industry was falling short as well as how to correct it.

Final Considerations

Clearly, email security should be a top priority for businesses given that email attacks make up the biggest proportion of successful cyber attacks against companies.