Enjoy Coffee & Culture At Dope Coffee’s 50 Years of Hip-Hop Music Concert Series

Enjoy Coffee & Culture At Dope Coffee’s 50 Years of Hip-Hop Music Concert Series

50 Years of Hip-Hop Music Concert Series

March 23rd, 2023

Decatur, Georgia – Dope Coffee Music, a division of Dope Coffee Company announced today that it will kick off a 50 Years of Hip-Hop Music indy artist concert series highlighting the pioneers and legacy of hip-hop culture at it’s newly launched coffee roastery and live events venue in Decatur, Ga. The innovative hip-hop-infused coffee roaster will showcase local indy artists across the music genres of Rap, Jazz, R&B & Experimental music that led to the rise of hip-hop’s globally dominant culture.  The concert series will kick off on Thursday, April 6th at its Decatur Headquarters and run bi-weekly until the early summer. Artists looking to join the showcase can submit their work here for consideration.

Hosted by Creative Mike The Rapper

Dope Coffee’s CEO Mike Loyd, also known as, Creative Mike The Rapper decided to launch the music series as a way to promote artists who otherwise wouldn’t have the ability to bring their talent to the stage while also honoring those who laid the groundwork for hip-hop culture. Creative Mike will host the event and will also take to the stage each night performing tracks from Dope Coffee’s debut album release Spinach which was produced by the company’s CMO Stace Loyd with vocal additions by the company’s CPO Chel Loyd.

The spring concert series features a hybrid format consisting of local underground heavyweights alongside up-and-coming artists who have little to no fanbase. According to Creative Mike, “this environment will be nurturing and inclusive with the overall goal being to showcase talent and push the culture forward in hip-hop. Expect to see hip-hop in a format that is mentally and emotionally stimulating while also challenging our community to get away from the violence and drug-laden hip-hop found in mainstream music.” That doesn’t mean that the 50 Years Of Hip-Hop series will be PG-rated says Creative Mike, in fact, “I want to give voice to all of hip-hop, to bring us back to our roots where hip-hop was a voice for the people and the culture. Expect to hear elements of rap, jazz, r&b, and even experimental and visual hip-hop in a way that expands upon the culture, not pigeonholes us into a self-denigrating, self-deprecating group of creative zombies.”

Hip-Hop Culture Is 50 Years Old

Show Details

The show features a bi-weekly format consisting of 5 artists per show performing 2-3 tracks as well an endless coffee bar.The Coffee & Hip-Hop series will last for 7 weeks, every other Thursday with the first show scheduled for April 6th, 2023 from 6:00pm-7:30pm.  general admission tickets to the event are free but premium seats can be purchased on a first come first serve basis and come with a complimentary endless coffee & tea bar.

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