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Ad Converter Market In this decade, the market for analogue to digital converters is expected to grow significantly. ADCs, as their name implies, aid in the transformation of analogue inputs like light captured by a camera or a soundwave by a microphone. In this decade, the market for analogue to digital converters is expected to grow significantly. ADCs, as its name implies, assist in converting analogue inputs into digital signals, such as light captured by a camera or sound waves picked up by a microphone.
ADCs have gained a lot of ground over the years and are now used in a variety of fields, including instrumentation, sensory-based systems, measurement and control systems, and communication systems.

Increasing adoption of technologically advanced data acquisition system drives the market. From research work to modern engineering processes, the high rates of encoded information in multiple signals forced data acquisition (DAQ) systems to evolve. The industry is evolving towards a trend of having a combination of modular hardware and flexible software, where these newer modular systems have appropriate signal conditioning and analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), with various interfacing sensors that support multiple data acquisition requirements.

Further, the growing demand for high-resolution images in scientific and medical applications is driving the market. The data converter constitutes the most demanding challenges imposed by medical imaging on the electronics design in terms of required dynamic range, resolution, accuracy, linearity, and noise. The ADC (analog to digital) must have a high resolution of at least 24 bits to achieve better and sharper images, and a fast sampling rate to digitize detector readings that can be as short as 100 µs in CT (Computed Tomography) solution. The ADC sampling rate must also enable multiplexing, which would allow the use of fewer converters as well as the reduction of the size and power of the entire system.

A player such as Analog Devices addresses these requirements and offers highly integrated solutions for the key signal chain functional blocks to enable best-in-class clinical imaging equipment. Its products such as ADAS1256 (X-ray applications), ADAS1135, and ADAS1134 (CT applications), and many more drive the market in medical applications.

Further, the development of low-power consumption data converters challenges the growth of the market. Power consumption is one of the main design constraints in today’s integrated circuits. Conversion of the low-frequency bioelectric signals does not require high speed but requires an ultra-low-power operation. This combined with the required conversion accuracy, which makes the design of such ADCs a major challenge.

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Global Ad Converter Market: Major Players
Integrated Device Technology
Analog Devices
Adafruit Industries
Microchip Technology
NXP Semiconductors
GE Healthcare Lifesciences
Linear Technology
Maxim Integrated
Cirrus Logic
Texas Instruments

Global Ad Converter Market: Types
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10 b
12 b
13 b
14 b
16 b

Global Ad Converter Market: Applications
Aerospace & Defense
Consumer Electronics
Instrumentation and Measurement
Security and surveillance

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