5 Best Business Book Publishers (No Agent Required)

A man reading a book

Digital publishing, especially ebooks, is at an all-time high, with platforms like Amazon bringing in record profits. Given that revenue in the eBooks segment is projected to reach US$15,635m in 2021/2, it is a lucrative market that is rather appealing to aspiring authors. The good news? You don’t always need agent representation to get your business book published. Here are five of the best book publishers that allow authors to submit their business book manuscripts directly, without having to go through a literary agent.

1.MindStir Media

MindStir sits at the top of our list of best business book publishers that authors without an agent can turn to for full-service business book publishing. Their non-traditional approach, a hybrid between self-publishing and traditional, makes MindStir a unique option. Firstly, MindStir does not buy book rights, and secondly, they demand a lesser percentage of royalties than traditional book publishers would, which means authors will retain a higher percentage of royalties. In terms of support, Mindstir provides every author with their own professional team, including an editor, project manager, designer and marketing team to ensure an authors’ work is top-class and marketable. MindStir is operated by J.J. Hebert, a bestselling author, a well-known authority on self-publishing and a business expert featured and quoted in the likes of Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc and Yahoo Finance. That’s not all. MindStir is also partnered with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, a USA Today Bestselling Author who praised MindStir Media as the company authors can trust to take their business book to the next level.

2.Allworth Press

Allworth Press are known to publish business books and self-help information for young and creative professionals as well as the general public. Allworth Press was founded by Tad Crawford. They mainly focus their attention on publishing non-fiction work of varying genres, but in recent years they have become known for their list of comprehensive and wide-ranging business titles. Allworth Press has published more than 300 titles in print, and in doing so have also covered almost every single genre of business books. For authors without agents, Allworth Press is one of the better business book publishers to go for. With titles distributed in countries around the world, and their capacity to publish books in multiple languages, all together make Allworth Press a natural choice for authors looking to market and distribute their work on a global scale.

3.Career Press

Career Press is another top-notch business book publisher that does not require authors to have agent representation to publish their work. Career Press’ main goal is publishing and distributing quality non-fiction books for adult readers in search of practical information to better their careers, financing, retirement and other related topics. Career Press has over 1000 print titles and an established distribution network for authors to step into. Their titles center on topics related to business, entrepreneurship, careers, job search, HR issues, business management, and self-help and motivational. The list of business and career-related titles published by Career Press is endless, which makes Career Press one of the best established business book publishers for authors inclined to the genres just listed.

4.Oneworld Press

Oneworld Press is an independent print publisher, established by Novin and Juliet Doostdar. Although their priority is not publishing business books, they do have in their portfolio a list of bestselling business, trade and self-help and motivational titles. What’s interesting about Oneworld Press is that they, more so than other business book publishers, are more inclined to give new authors the best opportunity to edge their name into the very populated book publishing market. This is what makes Oneworld Press also one of the better business book publishers, especially for new up-and-coming authors without agents who are interested in their first publication.

5.Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Berrett-Koehler Publishers is an independent publishing agency specializing in business, coffee-table and motivational titles. They are also one of the best business book publishers that do not require authors to have agent representation. Although Berrett-Koehler Publishers is a relatively new and small publishing agency, it has over the last twenty years published over hundreds of business and self-help related titles, and several best-sellers like ‘A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide’ and “The Reciprocity of Advantage’. Berrett-Koehler Publishers is a well-established business book publishing agency that receives over 1,500 book proposals per year from agents, but also directly from authors, which is why it is also one of the best business book publishers.

It is true that many reputable business book publishers require authors to approach them through agent representation, yet not all book publishers require this, which is why this list of 5 best business book publishers, which do not require agent representation, is so important to remember if you one day hope to publish your own business book but aren’t really interested in, or can’t find, agent representation.