Top philanthropists and how they help the world

Michael Bloomberg 

Michael Bloomberg was three-term mayor (2002 to 2013) of New York and  Entrepreneur, starting as a small company in information technology that connects others with business and financial markets. 

Bloomberg has placed a lot of focus on philanthropic endeavours throughout the years with a focus on global change. Bloomberg Philanthropies have five areas of focus, each one extensively covering different global challenges, namely, public health, arts and culture, education, environment, and government innovation.

Yolanda Ugo

The Yolanda Ugo Foundation is actively seeking gaps to close, in the gulf between the needy and their needs, making grants available in areas which are not well supported by large funder. By a growing network of partners, they are helping other charity-driven ministries expand, and bringing hope to many individuals.

When in future, the word ‘charity’ is being defined, what they are doing, if it hasn’t changed the whole world, at least would give many people something to aspire to: it is a noble objective and desire everyone to pursue it.

Barron Hilton 

The late Barron Hilton was a successful entrepreneur and  donated most of his wealth towards the family foundation, which, in honour of his father Conrad Hilton, has seven charity programs, five of which focusing on youth development, disaster relief and recovery, helping and treating children with HIV/AIDS, poverty alleviation, supporting homeless shelters,   

Chris Erhardt, Co-founder of Tunedly

Ever heard of a visionary that would forfeit company revenue in order to support democracy? According to news sources, the leadership team at Tunedly are about to do just that:

“Tunedly has always been a company that wanted to lead with its values. That is why we pledged to ‘Stop The Music Get Out The Vote’ as one of the first companies to do so. All U.S. based staff will get off on election day so they don’t have to make the choice between going to vote, or going to work. Most countries’ major elections are on weekends to encourage voter turnout. If more businesses would treat election day as sort of a national holiday, our voter turnout would probably be higher. There is a reason why countries like Sweden or Belgium have voter turnouts north of 80% in federal elections, compared to the U.S. where we barely get over 50% in most presidential elections.”

Eric and Wendy Schmidt 

The former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt, along with his wife Wendy, have both contributed to philanthropic causes with a focus on public-service careers, the amount and type of people who pursue these careers. 

One of the prominent programs is called Rise (a collaboration of Schmidt Futures and Rhodes Trust), with the aim to provide access to educational resources to young people (aged 15 to 17) who want to pursue careers in public service, and might not have the above opportunities to do so.  

The Schmidts are involved in other philanthropic endeavours, namely, the Schmidt Marine Technology Partners, 11th Hour Racing, 11th Hour Project, Schmidt Ocean Institute, Schmidt Futures, and the Schmidt’s Family Foundation.

Jim Walton 

Jim Walton is the younger son of Sam Walton, who founded the retail store Walmart. Jim Walton generously donated to unnamed charities and the Walton Family Foundation continues to provide support for people and communities across different areas. This foundation focuses on three areas, namely, environmental, the protection of rivers and oceans, K-12 education, and investing in the region of Arkansas.  

Thomas Lord 

Thomas Lord is an entrepreneur who established various philanthropic foundations, one of which is the Lord Foundation of Massachusetts, that donated to the funding for technology development at MIT, however all the Lord foundations aim to provide support to different institutions for the advancement, education, and research of science and technology. 

Stewart and Linda Resnick 

Stewart and his wife Linda Resnick are co-owners of The Wonderful Company that grows, harvests, packages different products like fruits, nuts, and wines . They donate to various causes that range from education, the arts, and climate change. 

Their donation to Caltech school has been in support of the school’s involvement in projects aimed at environmental sustainability. 

Bill Gates

Bill Gates has made extensive contributions to technology and the IT industry, however, the Gates Foundation, which started in 2000, has been one of the biggest private foundations with a focus beyond just technology, but aimed at assisting in the challenges of poverty and healthcare on a global level. Additionally, within the US the Gates Foundation aims to contribute to the education and development of information technology. 

Denny Sanford 

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Denny Sanford, is partnered with the National University System (a private nonprofit) along with the Sanford Harmony (a socio-emotional learning program) and Sanford Inspire programs (educational programs for educators to be able to teach inspirationally), which helps millions of Pre K-12 learners. The Sanford Institute of Philanthropy also supports the development and growth of non-profit fundraising initiatives. 

John and Laura Arnold

John and Laura Arnold established their philanthropic foundation in 2010, both coming from strong business backgrounds, they aim to support various challenges faced in society, especially government policy. They question the often contested ideals of philanthropy in society. Their philanthropic involvement ranges from new pharmaceutical groups to how the criminal justice system is run. 

Above are only a few of the top philanthropists in the world, all helping the world in different ways, that oftentimes go beyond their industries, which demonstrates a wide reach, not only locally, but also globally.