Top 10 Web Design Agencies in India

Top 10 Web Design Agencies in India

Web design is a vital part of the modern business landscape. Many businesses live and die based on the quality of their websites. On top of this, the business website is only growing in importance and complexity over time as things like SEO continue to change and evolve. Designing a great website takes time, creativity and hardwork and few among us can claim to have these highly in demand skills. Fortunately there are web design agencies out there that have honed their craft over years of diligent practice. This list celebrates those who have taken this time and become masters of creating websites in India.

It has been difficult to compile this list as there are so many worthy candidates on offer. India is a rich nation in many ways and that is true of the caliber of their web design talent as well. Each entrant on this list has had to beat out hundreds of other agencies to secure themselves a spot. The web design agencies were evaluated according to their portfolio, their user reviews and their overall quality as an agency. This was a meticulous and time-consuming process and one that was not taken lightly. The result is this list of the best that India has to offer in no particular order.

Top 10 Web Design Agencies

1. Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech has gathered a group of talented and creative professionals to make high quality websites with tremendous visual appeal. They work hard to ensure that their websites fuel growth and improve efficiency for their clients.

Their customers are consistently impressed by the quality of their work: “Great service, highly professional and organized team! I would not hesitate to contact them again, and see them as my web development partner. Keep up the good work guys!”

2. Salt Technologies

Salt Technologies is a small but dedicated team of web designers and developers who focus their energy on a customer centric approach. This approach ensures that customers walk away happy with their website and that they receive continued support.

Their customers are not shy about their admiration for their work: “Their in-depth knowledge of how the business sites are created and ability to optimize our site’s ranking is amazing.”

3. Matrix Bricks

Matrix Bricks was established over 10 years ago in 2011 and since then they have been helping company’s build their presence on the web brick by brick. They combine creativity with technology to create lovely websites that drive traffic and help businesses grow.

Their customers are consistently impressed by the work which they produce: “Working with Matrix Bricks was an amazing experience. With their help, we were able to increase the Speed and functionality of our website dramatically while cutting our costs. Our website is much more easy to use, has many more features than before and is incredibly easy to maintain. It is a pleasure for us to recommend Matrix Bricks to any and all interested parties. They have been professional, comprehensive and competent throughout the process of our working together. We feel that we have established a relationship with them for years to come.

Matrix Brick’s work for us was truly FANTASTIC”

4. Codal

Codal is in the business of modernizing websites to grow businesses. They create digital solutions for their clients which they, and their customers, adore. The company is committed to transparency and accountability in everything they do.

Their customers love their approach to web design and digital content creation: “They work hard and are eager to please their clients”.

5. Lollypop Design Studio

Lollypop Design is a web design agency that specializes in user interface design. They take a data driven approach to build their clients the best possible websites with the best possible user interfaces.

Their clients love this approach and have had great things to say about the company: “Their good design skills and excellent communication with their clients are impressive”

6. JDM Web Technologies

JDM was founded in 2009 and since then they have been working hard to build a name for themselves as a full service web design company. They use their expertise to customize each of their projects to meet their clients needs and wants.

Their clients are always grateful for this and have left some glowing reviews: “JDM Web Technologies has an experienced and supportive team that listens to my needs carefully for designing the mobile responsive Website. I am very impressed with their approach and love to work with them again.”

7. MateBiz

MateBiz started out as just three office friends in 2016 and has grown significantly since then. They are concerned primarily with three things: excellence, reliability and creativity. They work hard on a daily basis to ensure that their customers receive all three without fail.

Their clients consistently feel satisfied with the great work which they produce: “I have received a top-class professional and attentive website from Asif Khan and his team at MATEBIZ. He carefully listened to my requirements and worked hard to ensure my website was precisely what I wanted. The website interface was beautifully designed. We are glad that we were able to help you with all your concerns. We enjoyed working with you and we will be looking forward to working with you again.”

8. Brush Your Ideas

Brush Your Ideas is a unique firm that focuses on the web-to-print space. They specialize in the development of custom ecommerce websites in this niche and have created some outstanding websites to date.

They consistently leave their clients happy and satisfied with the service they have received: “A professional and very reliable company that helped me build my website, every single request was taken very seriously with 120% effort.”

9. Armia Systems

Armia Systems is almost 20 years old and they have been working diligently over the years to develop their reputation and consistently impress their clients. They hold a sincere drive to improve their clients websites and web presences so that they too may succeed.

Much like many of the other contenders on this list, they leave their customers happy and satisfied: “The most impressive thing about this company is their willingness to listen to our feedback and address our concerns.”

10. Webandcrafts

Webandcrafts produce stunning websites and have subsequently blossomed from a small agency into a full service IT solution provider. They have worked diligently to get their name out there and have succeeded in becoming one of the big names in the industry.

Their customers recognize their hard work and dedication to their craft: “Their commitment and excellence set them apart.”

Final Thoughts

Each of these Indian web design agencies have had to put in the hard yards to stand out from a very competitive pack. Every single one has earned a spot on this list through a combination of their outstanding portfolios and their glowing user reviews. Their work stands above the rest as the best that the nation has to offer in terms of web design as well as a number of other sub-industries within this space.