These 8 PPC networks are the most popular with marketers

google search traffic

Marketers have 8 favorite networks when it get’s to PPC. People should remember that there are many different advertising platforms and each one of them will have something which makes it unique from all the others available in the market today. All of these different options when used optimally can give advertisers the unique opportunity to reach a very large target audience. As the owner of your business you will have to decide which PPC add platform is going to be the best fit for your business. In some cases it is possible that you will find that a combination of several platforms will provide the best performance. In order to make the best decision you will need to learn a lot more about all of the available PPC ad networks.

Google ads

One of the most popular options available to businesses today is Google ads and the obvious reason is the tremendous amount of searches which is conducted daily on the Google search engine. There is also the large number of networks which can be found on the Google display network. According to the latest statistics Google apps are now displaying advertisements on more than 2 million different websites and you will also encounter them in almost 700,000 applications and this allows your specific ad to show up wherever your audience is encountered. According to available data the Google search engine handles more than 3.5 billion searches every day.

Bing ads

According to the latest statistics the number of searches on the Bing search engine is now growing faster than Google. Nevertheless it is possible to make use of tools on Bing ads so that campaigns from Google ads can be imported so that users do not have to start afresh. Internet searchers will be interested to learn that Microsoft has the advantage of exclusively serving the Yahoo search traffic they’ll also providing various voice searches and then also provide access to LinkedIn data and all of this is providing businesses with various interesting opportunities which can help them to become even more visible online.


This is a service which is known as a retargeting platform and it uses in excess of 34 million signals which make it possible to provide Marketing predictions which can be used for more effective targeting. They provide access to Google, emails, Facebook exchange and a whole range of other suitable marketplaces and also many exchanges. Businesses and marketing companies will do well to research this platform in order to make better use of all the benefits which it is providing.

Yahoo Gemini

Both native and search ads are targeted on Yahoo properties and also on the Oath network which is a mixture of AOL, Yahoo and several other websites. All of these is falling under Oath network and Yahoo properties where they are joined by HuffPost and Tumblr. Since the start of 2019 an announcement has been made by Microsoft Bing about an expanded partnership with Verizon media and this allows Yahoo search traffic to be served by Bing ads only. Other things are included in this arrangement such as the search traffic from the Oath add platforms and also several other partners.


When it comes to social media presence no other network can compete with Facebook because every single month a staggering 2 billion people will make use of this platform. Advertisers should remember that precise targeting can be a problem especially when it comes to individual behaviors, interests and also demographics. Marketers and businesses should know that Facebook ads often perform like display ads but experts in marketing can often manage to accomplish profitable conversions.


This invaluable platform is now the property of Microsoft and people should know that LinkedIn is a treasure house of information and there are many audiences which can be utilized by advertisers since many of the members of that platform is professional people of whom many have their own businesses. People who have been involved on LinkedIn for a long time has learned through experience that the best way to get results on this site is by offering valuable tips or advice in particular the kind of content which is useful in the industry where the prospective customer is involved.


This platform present people with a wide range of options which allows them to reach users through this platform which is now frequented by more than 330 million active users each month. The platform have a different approach to other platforms because all of the Twitter apps is contained on twitter only and there is no network partners. Nevertheless as most people have discovered promoted tweets has proven itself as one of the most flexible advertising formats because such tweets can include interesting combinations of texts and other media as long as they comply with the policies of twitter.


This is another fast-growing entity which already have 200 million active monthly users. Most of these people are actively involved in researching ideas, trends and products. A large number of the people found on the platform are qualified buyers eager to do business.