The newly launched NFT website, Is Giving Its Users the Freedom to own real estate mortgages in the form of NFT pieces.

Defi-Ant Real Estate NFT Pieces, the newly launched NFT website, will help users own real estate mortgage NFT pieces.

Defi-Ant began its journey in 2005 and then became a real estate MBS investment company in 2007. Defi-Ant is the latest NFT website that has been newly launched for users. With this NFT website, users will be able to own real estate mortgage NFT pieces.

There is a great boom in the real estate market all over the world. With low supply in the new housing market, there are benefits of mortgage NFT. The NFT holder does not have to worry about bad tenants, property taxes, or maintenance issues. 

This unique approach to owning real estate in the form of NFT pieces is especially beneficial for those who are unable to participate in the real estate market due to reasons that are out of their control, like rising home prices or lack of time to take care of the physical property. With Defi-Ant they can now start investing in mortgage NFT pieces and earn interests as any traditional investors make through different financial institutions.

Defi-Ant creates contracts that allow real-world assets to be converted into Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs.

It works with the assistance of a wallet. Users can link their Defi-Ant accounts to two different types of wallets. The first is a digital wallet that the user owns, and the second is a wallet that Defi-Ant has issued. The coins are directly transmitted while the characteristics of the various individual transactions are preserved.

Users can use Defi-Ant’s services to transfer their digital assets using a brokerage system.

In the next five years, Defi-Ant aims to purchase “10,000” single-family houses in California, Texas, Washington, Georgia, New York, and Florida. They will also purchase half a billion dollars worth of Ethereum and three-quarters of a billion dollars worth of Bitcoin. In short, they will be supporting the digital asset industry through continuous reinvestment.

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About Defi-Ant:

Defi-Ant is the newly launched NFT website. Users will be able to purchase real estate mortgage NFT pieces through this NFT website. Defi-Ant creates contracts that enable real-world assets to be converted into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).


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