The hip-hop career of Edward Robinson taking off, he says “Dropping my first LP soon”

The hip-hop career of Edward Robinson taking off, he says “Dropping my first LP soon”

Fans know him as @edthatsmycup, hugthetup and bigtup. Edward Robinson is the latest hip-hop artist who is seeing his career take off from Florida. He is about to release his first LP and is gearing up for new events as soon as COVID-19 restrictions lift.  Read more about his incredible life story and how he inspires people:

Who is Edward Robinson?

A Florida-based hip-hop artist, now a rising star, who started admiring this genre of music since the age of 8, who started recording and performing at 16. He has quietly started to leave a huge footprint with fans all over the internet – with a very unique style that seems poised to be going viral right now: Meet Edward Robinson and be sure to follow him on Instagram @edthatsmycup.

During an interview, Edward really came across as a humble and grounded young man of principles. Fans feel deeply connected with him for a reason: his music speaks of the day to day issues of life that so many people are dealing with in the world. His way of expressing himself speaks of 101% individualism. Through his autonomous style of producing songs that represent his world he strikes a chord with hip-hop fans and deep thinkers alike. Here is what Edward had to say:

Where do you get your inspiration from?

“We have one life. People misinterpret it when I say death inspires me: What I mean with that, is that you’re alive today and should live to the max because how do you now if you’ll be around tomorrow? The fact that I am alive and that death is a reality makes me want to get things done.”


What are the things you’re getting done right now?

“Even during this current time of turmoil and lockdowns – my music comes first. I’ve been working hard on my LP that will be released very soon, keeping in touch with fans and motivating them via social media as well as to look at live events where I will appear soon the moment our country is back to some kind of normal.”

You do have a major cause that you’re supporting – tell us more?

“I raise awareness through my music, about the very important issues of Addiction and Anxiety. I am glad that recently Dr. Phil came out on Fox News and that even the President, also spoke about the real dangers of these issues in people’s lives. It is true just because a brain scan does not show something, it does not mean that we as a society ought to ignore it. Firstly, people who suffer need to know that they’re not alone, there is help – and that they’ve nothing to feel guilty about. Secondly, we need more awareness around the world on how to identify, prevent and help where issues like addiction and anxiety are present.”

You just surpassed 10K followers on IG and have hundreds of thousands of streamers getting your music online. Were you surprized?

“Not surprized, but honoured that people love and share my music – and by their comments and messages. To be honest, I was burnt by friends who spiked me with Xannax, suffered anxiety and addiction myself as a consequence – and it took a lot of courage to reach out and connect with the world. Today, looking at all my fans and new friends – it has given me new hope that life gives everyone a second chance to be happy.”


Why is dancing with the devil so popular?

“You’ll probably find that my LP will beat that in popularity, but dancing with the devil, I guess is popular because at some point in life, everyone does it. Whether it is through self-destructive habits, being tempted by things that are no good for you – or simply a curiosity in life that is greater than common sense.”

Are there many other artists who inspire you?

“Quite a few yes. Here in Florida we have YNW MELLY, KODAK BLACK, and then there is also GLOKKNINENipsey hussel, Roddy Ricch, Kid Cudi, Mac Miller, J. COLE and so on. Off course I have my own style and speak my own mind – but these artists give me a lot of inspiration and pleasure as I listen and chill to their music whenever I’m not composing or producing.”

Any message to your fans?

“Thanks for all your support guys. My mission is to produce more music over the next few months that will help you enjoy whatever state of being you desire and to keep being real and inspiring through music. We all share something special by loving hip-hop, like an extended family.”


Final scoop:

After his own brief “dance with the devil”, Edward has bounced back to exceed the tipping point of online fame as his music is now taking off. Connecting with his music will no doubt give hip-hop fans a special experience.