SnatchBot releases the new version 2 bot-building platform

SnatchBot releases the new version 2 bot-building platform

The new version 2 of Snatchbot offers something beyond what most other chatbot solutions on the market currently provide. It combines all the elements needed making it the perfect communication tool for businesses and organizations in all sectors of the economy. Rich in features and easy to follow this hard working chatbot framework makes it easy to use.

Key Elements of the new version 2 of SnatchBot

New Interface and Dashboard

Attractive and modern, the new interface can easily be customized. The dashboard has a plethora of available information so that the user can control and monitor messages, communication and it is updated continuously.

Omni-channel communication

With the new version 2 of SnatchBot the building of one chatbot will suffice and it can be used across all the preferred communication channels of each entity. These include emails, Messenger, Telegram, Viber and so forth.

Easy to use

Chatbot creators have had their work made easier since the tools that have been developed are the ones that do all the hard work. No knowledge of computer coding language is needed to apply any of the high tech features that have been added to the platform which also include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Getting leads, storing information and versatile templates

Each interaction is allocated a number, making it easy to track so that any important data can be extracted. By monitoring conversation flows, the user can then improve the system.

With a choice of about 50 templates, created to solve issues for many industries, they help create the supporting structure for a customized bot that also has customer support for any queries directed to it. It also has a Live Chat option.

Powerful analytics and extracting data

Improved analytics allow for an even deeper insight into seeing extracted data (these may include emails, phone numbers, etc) but can also show points in the conversation where interventions may be needed. A partnership with Chatbase helps provide analytics on chat flows between clients and the chatbots. This helps the creators to improve them in order to prevent conversation break downs.

The way that the data is extracted can be automated and can include connecting it to a CRM system, building a database, and even issuing invoices automatically.

Efficient communication

NLP is a powerful software algorithm and its job is to ensure that a conversation makes sense.  The ability of software systems to identify things such as places, people, and times has improved greatly over the last few years. Intent is another important ability that software needs to recognize and the new version 2 of Snatchbot has managed to capture both these abilities perfectly. Since most people prefer to communicate through speech, NPL is a potent communication weapon and builders now only need one model for all their communication solutions. Previously they would have needed far more.

These new NLP models can be trained to allow bots to accurately understand conversations through supervised and Machine Learning so that they are intuitive and fluid in their communications.

SnatchBot is a practical tool with user-friendly elements. It can be trained to communicate effectively both internally and externally in an organization with the ability to optimize responses.

Free features and integrations

The free version is an important element, especially for smaller enterprises, communities or organizations. These can now create bots for free, with no hidden costs, and no limits. This allows countless users to enjoy the value that chatbots can bring them.

Build a chatbot with the new version 2 of SnatchBot

Creating the first conversation

One simple step is needed to get started with the chatbot building. All that the SnatchBot platform ( requires is an email address and with the first log the dashboard appears. This is where all actions can be undertaken and analytics checked.

There is a wide variety of interactions types to choose from which can easily be added and there are many options to explore. These can be linked to create a sophisticated bot without much effort, allowing the user to test the progress with one easy move.

Fallback allows for a different interaction to the one expected to keep the conversation flowing and it also stores it making it available to the bot.

 Inspiration and Sharing

Getting inspiration and sharing is easy with the Bot Directory where over 1,000 bot creators currently share their work.  Searches can be filtered to allow the user to find chatbots related to the industry of interest and once added to the directory they can be found by users of Snatchbot and other search engines, thereby increasing traffic flow.

Save the user information

In order to be able to export data from SnatchBot the system needs the creation of attributes with user answers saved in them. These are then added to a webhook. The attributes can be created within any interaction page to collect any data requested of it.

Other exciting elements of SnatchBot

Text-to-speech adds an exciting and new dimension to the user experience as the chatbot acquires personality, but is also versatile for communications with visually impaired users.

Plugins that are verified and approved by SnatchBot can be integrated as the chatbots are designed or may be added later. When new versions of plugins are released the user gets a notification to update.


Final Scoop: 

The new version 2 of SnatchBot is allowing companies to free their workforce from spending endless hours on the phone or internet for basic communication. These employees can now be deployed in other more important areas where their talents can be better utilized.