Filmmaker/Actor Saram Jaffery walks away with multiple International Film Festival awards for “One Last Shot”

Saram Jaffery

The career of Canadian filmmaker and actor Saram Jaffery has reached new heights as his highly acclaimed short film One Last Shot wins multiple awards at International Film Festivals around the world.

International film festivals set the perfect stage for new filmmakers to showcase their work on a global scale and gives audiences the opportunity to discover new talent emerging in the international film scene. Saram Jaffery’s One Last Shot was received at numerous film festivals around the world and has become a major success.

By showcasing his work at multiple film festivals along with thousands of films from different parts of the world, Saram Jaffery went up against a variety of up and coming and experienced filmmakers and actors. This is the nature of film festivals and why they remain a popular platform for budding filmmakers like Saram Jaffery.

One Last Shot 

International film festivals provide an international platform for emerging artists as well as international recognition for award-winning films, directors and actors. Saram Jaffery’s short film was the subject of much conversation around the world as he walked away with numerous awards for his work on One Last Shot.

In the U.S., One Last Shot won awards at the New York Film Awards 2020 and the Los Angeles Film Awards 2020 for Best Drama and Best Narrative and has also earned Saram Jaffery the award for Best Actor. The film also won Best Candanian Short Film, the Viewers Choice Award at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival and the Best Romantic Drama in India at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival as well as in Italy at the Oniros Film Awards. ‘One Last Shot’ was also screened at the 2020 edition of Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival.

One Last Shot is a romantic drama that follows the life of a struggling musician from a South Asian background. Aside from directing the film, Saram Jaffery took on the lead role of a struggling musician who tries to make ends meet yet takes a very bad route to get there. With his relationships in jeopardy, he must find a way to fix all his bad decisions. This highly acclaimed romantic drama quickly made its way onto Amazon Prime Video in the U.S. as well as the U.K.

Saram Jaffery’s path to stardom

One Last Shot signifies the start of Saram Jaffery’s career as a lead actor and his directorial debut in the streaming platform market. Saram Jaffery was born in Lahore, Pakistan and at a very early age discovered his love of acting and filmmaking. As a child star he acted in a number of local TV series in the early 1990s and continued to hone his acting skills in local theater productions throughout his childhood years.

Saram Jaffery and his family then relocated to Toronto, Canada, in 2007 where he completed his formal training at film school and continued to strengthen his career by appearing in multiple independent short films and theatre productions in Toronto. In 2018, he got his first big break playing the role of Bholu in the Pakistani feature film Na Band Na Baraati, a romantic comedy.

After the success of One Last Shot, Saram Jaffery decided to embark on entirely new projects. At the moment he is working on a new web series centered on various immigration issues and challenges. He is also working on a new feature film that focuses on mental health issues in the 21st century and if One Last Shot is anything to go by we can most surely expect big things from his latest projects.

Saram Jaffery helps young artists reach global audiences

Working in the film industry, Saram Jaffery is hoping that his work will contribute to creating a platform for budding artists striving to reach international audiences. Growing up in a multicultural society, Saram Jaffery wants to give young artists from all backgrounds the opportunity to “make it” as he has. The film industry is forever changing, and with the evolution of streaming platforms in recent years, young artists have a platform that for many years remained a secondary viewing platform in the film industry.

Saram Jaffery believes young artists have the capability to make significant contributions to the film industry. Given the right direction and resources they will no doubt encounter numerous opportunities and avenues to successfully reach international audiences.