Pooja Loomba: A Leading New York Bookkeeper and Accountant


As tax season just ended, many businesses are seeking out new Bookkeepers and accountants who can help them manage their business’ respective financial needs. While there’s no doubt that there is no shortage of accountants or tax preparers available for hire, there is indeed a shortage of someone who could both serve as an effective Bookkeeper and a Business Advisor.

Pooja Loomba is both a CPA and a QuickBooks Advanced Certified Pro-advisor. Ms. Loomba does not operate in what she describes as “the typical tax world;” but instead works with QuickBooks and provides incredibly detailed and methodical accounting services. Ms. Loomba specializes in cleaning up existing QuickBooks data and keeping it that way regularly. In speaking with several of her clients both past and present, our takeaway was that Ms. Loomba is reliable; responsible, and uniquely efficient. These are precisely the qualities that one looks for when it comes to a Bookkeeper and Business Advisor that can be regularly depended upon to provide satisfactory services. 

For many of her clients, Ms. Loomba even serves as a CFO. For such clients, she manages cashflow projections; budget creation; projected v. Actual analysis; and KPI and Ratio analysis. Small and mid-size business owners however are particularly aware of the importance of efficient Bookkeeping services. While some business owners have employees in-house who handle Bookkeeping, hardly a quarter goes by where there aren’t issues that present themselves with the financial records produced by the in-house employees (due to lack of training and supervision). Ms. Loomba handles Bookkeeping in an especially methodical manner monitoring accounts receivable; accounts payable and ensuring all financial bank records and statements are fully reconciled. She also ensures third-party apps are employed to automate workflows and ensure all Bookkeeping done for the client is synchronized. 

Some of Pooja’s most recent projects that she’s managed have included converting a property management company from Yardi to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and customizing the software and reports for the client; as well as working with an international company to correct revenue recognition errors, which resulted in more than $100,000 in tax refunds for this client. 

Indeed while some business owners may view a Bookkeeper and a CPA’s services as a financial onus on a business, Ms. Loomba has consistently demonstrated an ability to produce value for clients that genuinely proves her services to be worthwhile and needed investment for any business owner. 

Unsurprisingly, her business has grown to work with a diverse array of different businesses and companies. These include Private Equity, Real Estate, Solar Energy, Architects, and Interior Designers; as well as many different clients in the Healthcare industry including Home healthcare agencies; Adult daycare, Nursing care, and Medical practices including Dentists and Psychotherapists. Her versatile client roster and customer base speak to her unique ability to adapt to the changing circumstances and needs of a wide array of different clients.

Before launching PL Accounting Solutions, Pooja worked for a CPA firm doing QuickBooks Consulting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll. She earned two degrees in accounting – one from Queens College and another from India. In addition to her professional abilities and depth of knowledge concerning her area of expertise, Pooja prides herself on the integrity she exhibits in all her dealings with her clients.