EToken: Ultra-low Interest Rate Loans, Be the First to Seize the Market Wealth Opportunities!

With the wealth effect of the crypto market brought by the third halving of bitcoin, it brought a strong impact on global investors. Many traditional investors in the stock market or international futures market have transferred their concerns to the crypto industry, hoping to get a piece of cake of the emerging financial sector and to find better liquidity and yield for their assets.

The latest data shows that from July 21 to November 9, bitcoin prices experienced a bull market journey from $30,000 to $69000, raised by 130%. Not only that, the amazing launch of bitcoin ETF, also boosted bitcoin greatly, a lot of people cannot help but admire the charm of the wealth effect, meanwhile, it enhances the confidence in crypto investment enthusiasts on holding mainstream digital currencies!

In this super-long bull market, the plate wheel rise phenomenon is frequent, holding mainstream cryptocurrencies that can be seen as a long-term investment. If choosing to hold positions, investors will miss the market opportunities, and cannot enjoy the current crypto market plate wheel rose dividend. So, is there a way to retain mainstream digital assets while still having stable coin flows trading profitably in the secondary market?

Obviously, the best way is Staking!

Recently, EToken platform launched the pledge loan sector, providing a quality digital asset turnover place for digital currency investors. Without additional application materials, the platform provides ultra-low lending rates to help users reduce financing costs, so as to seize market opportunities to maximize asset returns.

EToken Pledge Loan function will meet users’ needs from the following dimensions, improving the utilization of digital assets of users!

  1. Risk diversification

The EToken platform allows users to pledge supported mainstream digital currencies such as BTC\ ETH\ FIL in exchange for stablecoins. When the pledged currency drops sharply due to market price fluctuations, users can choose not to return the borrowed asset, thereby transferring part of the risk to the platform or a third party, and greatly gain cash turnaround time for themselves.

  1. Ease the pressure of insufficient liquidity of stablecoins

In the process of participating in the secondary market transactions, users borrow stablecoins through ET wallet to ease the short-term capital pressure, in the long run, high input can strive for a higher rate of return and allows you to enjoy a better quality of life in advance. The choice of pledge is to accumulate sufficient original funds through stable currency, and more easily obtain profits in the secondary market operation.

  1. Ensure the flow of digital assets, make money out of money.

The biggest advantage of staking is that you can use the platform to provide stable currency funds. In the crypto market, the income of a lot of financial management products and investment opportunities are far higher than the pledge rate, the way of borrowing one currency by staking another currency provides you with more investment options. Through the full flow of digital assets, obtaining more long-term game opportunities in the crypto market, to achieve the sustainable wealth effect.

Take the BTC pledge as an example:

Users borrow 1000 USDT stablecoin, only need to pledge 0.0279BTC. You can get 7 days of capital turnover time, return 1004.11 USDT to redeem your BTC when it’s due, with interest at only 4.11 USDT.

In the future, EToken Loan sector will introduce more popular mainstream currencies pledge according to the crypto market, and build the platform into a completely open-source, decentralized, complete-community-autonomy platform; As a wallet application of the DCFS public chain, in the 3.0 phase, it will achieve complete multi-chain asset interoperability, to solve the asset management needs at heart;

EToken aims to become the world’s most popular crypto asset management platform, providing users with low rates, high stability, a full range of asset appreciation services. At EToken, you can experience a wealth of financial services and diversified innovative products. We are dedicated to protecting your crypto assets.

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