Elementor becomes near-obsolete with Google Core Web Vitals update

Elementor becomes near-obsolete with Google Core Web Vitals update
  • The Google “Core Web Vitals” update may be the most important ranking factor of 2021
  • WordPress site owners are dropping Elementor as it fails to pass the speed test
  • Slow page builders are in trouble as users prioritize new vitals known as LCPFID, and CLS.

As the calendar approaches April 2021, website owners are bracing themselves for a significant shift in the digital landscape. Google’s impending decision to elevate core web vitals as a prominent ranking determinant has sent ripples of anticipation throughout the online community. In anticipation of this transformative change, certain websites have already witnessed an unexpected phenomenon: the emergence of a conspicuous red graph flagging pages with subpar core web vitals metrics. This sudden appearance of red marks, symbolizing performance issues, has brought forth tangible consequences, with some sites experiencing a decline in their search result rankings.

This emerging scenario underscores the pivotal role that core web vitals are slated to play in the intricate web of search engine optimization. The shift in Google’s algorithm to prioritize these metrics places an imperative on website owners to swiftly and decisively address any deficits in performance. The loss of ranking that some sites are encountering serves as a tangible reminder of the immediate impact that suboptimal core web vitals can wield on a website’s visibility and, consequently, its online success.

In this dynamic environment, proactive measures are crucial. Website proprietors must employ comprehensive strategies to optimize their core web vitals, ensuring that loading, interactivity, and visual stability metrics align with Google’s standards. Adapting to these evolving expectations is not merely a technical adjustment but a strategic move to safeguard a website’s prominence in search results. As April 2021 approaches, vigilance and swift action will be the defining factors for those seeking to navigate the changing tides of online visibility with dexterity and success.

The greatest obstacle WordPress site owners encountered to date? Those beautiful page builders.

Elementor sites are the slowest – with developers unable to find solutions

Regardless of what Elementor may say on it’s official website, top developers claim that it is simply impossible to obtain a good overall core web vital score for sites running on ELEMENTOR – it is slow by nature and despite all the “optimization” tips in the world, it just cannot compete with Guttenberg blocks and Oxygen builder. The endgame for many developers is having to kiss goodbye their favorite theme builder in exchange for a lighter, faster solution.

What is exactly is “Core Web Vitals” from Google?

Core Web Vitals are specific factors that Google regards as important for a website’s user experience. Core Web Vitals consists of three specific page speed and user interaction measurements: largest contentful paint, first input delay, and cumulative layout shift. It is one of the most crucial SEO ranking factors in 2021, when Google made it clear that it will “rank web pages, not websites”.

Is my website affected?

To know for certain, refer to the special report in Google Search Console below:

Tips to improve core web vitals on WordPress:

  1. Uninstall bulky page builders like Elementor
  2. Use CDN and CACHE plugins like WPRocket
  3. Use lazyload as much as possible
  4. Use SSR and CSR rendered content
  5. Break up assets into smaller chunks
  6. Reduce the overall page size
  7. Move away from JPG to WebP image
  8. Stop cutting corners on web development: hire a genius!

Final scoop – The SEO budget should include on-site technical:

2021 Will not be a year to cut corners with on-site technical factors. Considering the millions of dollars that companies spend on SEO (on-site, link building, outreach PR etc.), it is worth it for most to spend just a few thousand to deal with core web vitals. Plug the leaking holes in your expense bucket by taking good care of core web vitals before April this year.