E-commerce disruption: Using chatbots when choosing gifts, online shopping will change forever

Right now e-commerce is going through an incredible transformation as AI evolves. Today I want to share with you some of the latest developments, in chatbot deployment for the online retail sector. The bot store on SnatchBot is already full of bots that are used for every industry, which means people no longer re-invent the wheel. The next thing I can see developers working on – is more of the bots we’re describing below:

What these intelligent bots are solving:

In a large family, there are many people who have to be given gifts. There are birthdays, Christmas time, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Easter time. There are also colleagues, partners, and business associates. There is also your circle of friends which has to be considered numerous times during the year. It seems that the process of selecting gifts are time-consuming and tedious. Most people today have very busy lifestyles and this is why their time is precious. This is why when it comes to gift selection people want to get that process over with as soon as possible. Most people simply cannot afford to spend an hour or more looking for the perfect gift. Because of our busy schedules, we are very often not able to remain in close contact with everyone in our extended family or friendship circle. Many people are struggling just to stay up-to-date with their professional careers and all of its responsibilities. They simply may not have time to go to a retail store in order to search for gifts. Because of the pressures of our busy daily routines, many people are actually starting to panic when Christmas is approaching. Therefore, instead of it being a happy time we begin to worry about what to give to friends and family.

Eliminating all of the pressure


After working very hard all year people need to relax during the festive season. They do not want to be in panic mode as they run around searching for presents for everyone. As always large retailers are very quick to discover new opportunities to increase profits and to improve consumer experiences. This is why many of them are now making use of sophisticated gift finding chatbots. The principal is an old one because things such as gift guides have been introduced many years ago especially on things such as retail websites. The latest, however, is that they are now integrated into Facebook messenger. This is making it possible for social media users to interact with retail brands in an attempt to find suitable gifts. The natural question is if humans are struggling with this process will chatbots be any more successful.

Case example:

The gift assistant from ASOS


Over 80,000 brands and a wide variety of new products is available on this website every day. Understandably a shopping experience on ASOS can be somewhat overwhelming. This is why it has introduced the gift assistant chatbot in order to eliminate most of the problems which are encountered by consumers. This is why the gift assistant chatbot has been specifically programmed to ask the consumer some probing questions. This can sometimes help the consumer to quickly narrow down the preferences of a friend or family member allowing them to come to a decision a lot quicker. Therefore, they will not have to spend a lot of time browsing for gifts. One of the first questions which will be asked by the gift assistant chatbot is who the present is intended for. Some of the categories which are considered is secret Santa, friends, family member, etc. Another important consideration will also be budget; the consumer needs to know how much they can afford to spend. This will be followed by other more general questions relating to the personality and interests of the intended beneficiary. Quite simply the gift assistant chatbot is asking questions which are reminding you who the person is and which things are most likely to be a suitable gift for that person. In other words, it is actually short-circuiting the process forcing you to come to a conclusion which otherwise would’ve taken several hours.

The issue of budget


There are so many equations which can come into play when selecting gifts. Some of the most important factors will be time and budget. So much revolves around personal value and therefore spending too little can send a very negative message. On the other hand, spending too much can be very taxing as far as your budget is concerned. It is also very important to avoid as much as possible anything which can be seen as favoritism. Especially in a close family circle, something like that can lead to resentment and anger and also feelings of rejection. This is exactly why the gift selection process can be extremely burdensome and uncomfortable. This is also often why people feel that they have to spend lots of time on the process because this will justify the gift which is ultimately chosen. It is not so much about the gift which is chosen as it is about the relationship which you are having with the person for which the gift is intended.