Dictador Rum: Rare Collectible Alcohol is the Future of NFTS

Dictador Rum

Dictador Rum: Rare Collectible Alcohol is the Future of NFTs

Dating back to 1919, Dictador is a rare Colombian vintage rum that defines real taste. The rum is brought to perfection by top-notch production with a distinctive well-ordered taste and aromas of cocoa, coffee, caramel, and roasted honey. The taste and craftiness make it ideal for neat drinking and cocktails. The special recipe of the Colombian rum is protected by the Parra family, the third-generation group of professional blenders of the rum.

Legacy of the Colombian Rum

The heritage of the rum is founded on the rich and lively history of Colombia. The journey began in 1913 when Destileria Colombiana was founded. The Parra Family, the genius distillers of rum, have steered the company since its foundation. They have endeavored perfection and upraised the admired family-owned formulas to genius art.

Herman Parra, the Master Blender, receives huge recognition in the industry of aged spirits. Parra has won and received several international competitions such as the World Spirit Awards, Miami Rum Festival, and the San Francisco World’s Spirit Competition.

What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a special facet of data that employs technology and allows digital content to be fed and validated on blockchains. An NFT can be utilized to include any digitized commodity. For example, videos, photos, digital art, and audio recordings are some of the items that have been traded via an NFT.

A bottle of alcohol cannot be digitized. However, digitizing the details of its originality and storing its information on a digital ledger is possible. The Dictador brand has released its opulent bottles of alcohol via BlockBar, the world’s pioneer of direct-to-buyer NFT forums for wine and spirits products.

Entry into NFT

As 2021 ended, the rum company announced their entry into the NFT market for alcohol with the release via BlockBar. They released ten limited version bottles of the 1976 Rum, which is among the most aged rums in the history of alcoholic beverages. The branding is something to behold. The rum comes in a glamorous Lalique decanter and a customized offer, giving the customer a chance to understand the Colombian brand comprehensively.

Facilitating the Way Towards the NFT Market

The Parra family will invite buyers to a guest-only banquet for two with maestro stirrer Hernan Parra. The guests will also take part in a personally modeled tasting of the best spirits from the Parra family’s personal assembly of spirits.

Ten sets of the rare vintage rum, together with an exclusive dinner and tasting event, were first offered on November 9, 2021. Every bottle was sold at $25,000. Interestingly, after a couple of hours, the NFTs traded at $36,000.

BlockBar is the first NFT marketplace for beverages. The marketplace connects buyers and collectors with the proprietors of luxurious spirits brands. Hence, offering the chance to trade NFTs for special alcoholic products.

An NFT owner has the exclusive chance to trade or move their NFT through BlockBar’s platform. Alternatively, they can redeem the NFT for a physical bottle. BlockBar holds special rights to store the physical bottle and hand it to the purchaser upon request.

Final Thoughts

In all of its facets, the world of commerce is changing fast. The entry of rum into the world of NFT will revolutionize the business of luxury alcoholic drinks. The marketplace, BlockBar, will also be influential in the online commerce of opulent branded alcoholic brands.

NFTs have been prevalent in most of the other industries. These industries range from high fashion luxury brands to high profile artistry. So it is not a shock that the company is doing its second NFT rum assembly. It is anticipated that other companies will join the bandwagon and compete with the Colombian-based rum.

The new world of spirits is here. Of course, a lot is in store for all rum lovers. But one thing is for certain Dictador Rum will continue to be ahead of the pack as it continues to offer rare collectible alcohol on BlockBar, the first NFT marketplace for beverages.