Creating a movie? Here are some things to keep in mind

Creating a movie Here are some things to keep in mind

So, you’re a creative and you need to film a movie – whether it’s for a client, a local film festival, or just a hobby, there is a lot to think about and many things to keep in mind. If you’ve reached this point, you’re obviously going to be past using a handheld camcorder in your back yard to create your masterpieces – at this point, you’re looking for a professional touch and a problem free schedule. So what are some good ways to ensure everything goes smoothly?

  • Equipment transportation

Especially if you’re filming on location, one of the biggest problems you’re going to need to solve is how to transport all the necessary equipment safely and efficiently – loading expensive cameras or set pieces into the back of your neighbour’s van might not be the best solution. A simple solution is to simply search for ‘moving companies near me’; though moving companies are often associated simply with moving house, many moving companies also offer other services and it’s worth discussing your equipment move needs with them.

  • On site necessities

Depending on the size and duration of your project, you’re going to need certain resources on site, such as portaloos and catering. And, depending on what kind of set you need, it’s important to consider whether you might need any construction materials like ladders, scaffolding, or rigging mats like the ones you’ll find if you click here. It’s often difficult to know what you’ll need ahead of time, and of course you’ll find yourself having to source new equipment as you go – but it’s important to make sure you’re kitted out with the basics before you get started in earnest.

  • High-quality footage

This seems obvious, doesn’t it?  But it’s amazing what people overlook when they have too much faith in their idea. Having an amazon script or a moving storyline isn’t going to carry you into movie history if you’re relying on shaky camera work and blurry images – unless, of course you’re doing a remake of the Blair Witch Project. But assuming you aren’t a great way to make sure you’re getting dynamic and crisp footage is to invest in drone cameras like the dji mavic 3, which will ensure your footage is oscar worthy.

Your first big movie project can be daunting, but don’t feel overwhelmed – with the right equipment, attitude, and organisational safeties in place, your project should be a roaring success.