Child star donates all her proceeds to support UN COVID-19 efforts

Bella Alexandras is South African born but has lived in Lisbon, Portugal for two years now.  Born in Cape Town, Bella is only nine years old but has already achieved fame as an international model and she is also an aspiring actress. Her family were among the few who were fortunate enough to flee the violence in South Africa. This was around the time when President Donald Trump asked Defense Secretary Mike Pompeo to look into this widespread issue, when mainstream media were largely dismissive of the matter.

As a family, Bella’s parents did everything they could to help her transition into a new environment: to retain a strong sense of purpose and belonging, determined to bounce back from the challenging conditions they had left behind. Bella was turned down by many agencies, but she knew that she was talented and never stopped believing that the rejections would soon turn into exciting assignments.

Her perseverance and self-belief paid off and after five years of waiting, Bella was discovered by Eugen Chakhnovitch, founder of InStyle Kid. Chakhnovitch has taken Bella’s career under his wing and has become her manager. Demand for Bella has soared, especially with US brands, where she is currently doing a lot of modeling work.

Bella loves being a model, and believes that her modeling career has opened many doors for her. Even though her dream has always been to act, she realized that the language barrier was holding her back because she was initially not fluent in Portuguese. She decided that her love for fashion and modeling would be the tool to get her noticed because there are no language barriers in how someone models beautiful fashion creations.

Modeling has opened doors for her acting aspirations and Bella recently secured one of Hollywood’s top talent managers, Steve Owens, of Branding Avatar Talent Management Group Los Angeles.

Bella is preparing for a career in film and television by training with Lisa London, one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed casting directors and the person who discovered Hanna Montana, Selena Gomez, and other child stars. Distance may appear to be a problem, but not for someone as dedicated as Bella who has committed to working hard and follows her tutor’s instructions through private Skype lessons.

Bella is a delightful young star with many aspirations and on each of her modeling assignments she enjoys meeting “cool people” from all over the world and learning from them. She has also become a role model for thousands of young kids around the world and has over 30 thousand followers on her Instagram account (@bellaalexandras)

A role model to thousands of other children:

Bella may be a role model for thousands of children, but reaching stardom at such a young age has not affected how she sees the struggles of those who are less privileged. Amid the Coronavirus outbreak and lockdown, Bella does not want to sit back and ignore the fact that a cure needs to be found ASAP.  She is also socially aware and knows that there are millions of people around the globe, including her place of birth in South Africa, who do not have the luxury of being able to support themselves and feed their families while in lockdown. Bella feels that everyone needs to push the effort to get medical and sanitizing supplies to the poorest countries fast, to help them contain the curve of the virus.

Bella Alexandras decided that there was a way she could also contribute and decided to sell her gently worn designer outfits and donate 100% of the proceeds to the fund set up by the United Nations Foundation.

Bella also has major environmental concerns and appreciates that because of lockdown and social distancing we have all been given time to reflect on the state of our world, while the environment has been given some time to recover. She appreciates clothing brands with similar environmental concerns.

Becoming a role model to other children from all walks of life is one of the advantages of having a modeling career and a successful Instagram presence. Bella and her family feel that other children can draw strength and encouragement from her experience.

Looking ahead and helping others overcome the challenges of today:

According to her Mom, Bella never gives up on her dreams and any of her previous rejections were never taken personally they just made her more determined to reach her goals. As a family, they may have fled from a very grim situation in South Africa: but that did not stop them from helping others, including those whom they have left behind in Africa, in their fight against Covid-19.

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