Business Cards Statistics, Facts And Trends for 2022

Business Cards Statistics, Facts And Trends for 2022

Research and the latest statistics on shows that business cards are still being used widely despite the rise of Linkedin and B2B social. In the new age of digital communication, connections through the Internet are seamlessly developed; however, most professionals and business owners still tend to produce business cards in gatherings and professional environments. This brings about the question of whether or not business cards are still relevant in today’s modern digital age or whether they’re fading like many other older business traditions.

Our analysts have spent time interviewing researchers and found some surprising data with both qualitative and quantitative evidence on the latest trends. We provide a deep dive into the latest statistics and facts surrounding the age-old business practice of business cards.

22 Business Card Statistics:

1.  Why Professionals Still Carry Business Cards

In today’s technological and digitally charged age, professionals don’t usually find business cards necessary; however, studies show that it may be considered a breach of etiquette not to produce business cards within formal professional environments. Attempting to network without them may be a mistake since most expect them.

2.  The Latest Research Suggests Business Cards are Thrown Away

63% of people throw business cards away because they may not need the service offered. This happens within 7 days.

3.  Business Cards Could be a Reputation Reflection

Business cards have the potential to make an individual look prepared and professional. A quality card with well thought out design has the capacity to give clients a good feeling about any specific business enterprise.

4.  Business Cards as an Effective Marketing Strategy

Studies suggest that 84 percent of marketing and communications for business strategies are not visual. Business cards could be an added element within the marketing strategy to encourage future communication.

5.  How Professionals Can Save Business Cards Digitally

Handing out business cards could be considered common business practice; however, not many professionals file them for future use. Research shows 88% of recipients throw out business cards, though some have mobile apps to scan physical cards into a digital file for ease of access later.

6.  How Business Cards Could Make the Right Impression

Since visual marketing is trending across all business platforms, professionals usually have strong opinions about business cards. Studies show 72 percent of business card recipients use business card quality factors to judge a company.

7.  QR Codes on Business Cards

QR codes could provide information that doesn’t always fit on a physical card. Almost 50 percent of businesses use QR codes in some component of their marketing strategy.

8.  The Latest Research Suggests People Could Walk Away because of Business Cards

According to a recent survey, 39 percent of prospective clientele could walk away because of the way a business card may be presented or designed.

9.  Do Sales Soar Through Business Cards

Approximately 8 billion business cards are discarded and thrown away. However, studies show an organization’s sales could increase 2.5 percent for every 2000 business cards handed out.

10.  Business Cards Relevance

Certain professionals in the broader field may likely require business cards as a basic rule of etiquette. Studies show there may be particular protocols for exchanging business cards specific to various situations.

11.  Do Professionals Really Require Business Cards

Business cards have the potential to network for an organization long after being handed out to a recipient. It promotes future contact and provides a sense of authenticity and legitimacy.

12.  Business Card Trends

Initially, business cards were created strictly for business and networking purposes, reserved for professionals in the field; however, research shows that informal industries have also adopted the practice to showcase their organizations and companies to attract more customers and clientele.

13.  Business Cards Printed Daily

According to the latest research, approximately 27 million business cards are printed daily, suggesting the business card industry is prospering even through the digital age.


14.  Recent Studies on Business Card Font

The most common fonts used on business cards are often Ariel, Helvetica, or Times New Roman since they are popular and comfortable for most readers to understand easily.

15.  Recycled Business Card Trends

Using recycled business cards promotes the message of an environmentally friendly organization. Since 80% of business cards are more likely to be thrown out, business owners could consider using recycled paper as a trendy alternative.

16.  Business Card History

Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact timeline, business cards are believed to date back to 15th century China, making them approximately 600 years old.

17. Cheap Business Cards

Research shows business cards that look cheap or have a paper-like feel have the potential to show potential clients that one does not care about finer business details.  A business card is the first impression of any corporation; people could judge a business based on a business card.

18.  Expensive Business Cards

According to research, the world’s most expensive business card is studded with 30 carats of diamonds and is made entirely of Swiss metal. It is known as the Black Astrum Signature Card and retails in packages of 25 at $1 500 each.

19. Colorful Vs. Black and White Business Cards

Research shows that recipients of colored business cards are ten times more likely to hold onto the card as opposed to receiving a black and white business card. However, it is essential to note that uncluttered well-designed cards deliver clear, compelling messages compared to unappealing bolder designs.

20. Research on Business Card Influence

A recent study shows that 57 percent of business owners and professionals believe that business cards influence their businesses positively.

21. The most expensive business cards in the world

It costs $155K for 100 cards to buy the most expensive business cards in the world. This is due to real physical gold being used in card aesthetics.

22. Sales increases for B2B consultants

For the B2B consultancy sector, solo consultants report a 2.8% increase in sales for every 2000 cards handed out.